29 October 2013

MY JOURNEY INTO ANIMATION (For International Animation Day)

GUEST WRITER: Yvonne Ifeoma

My name is Yvonne Ifeoma, and I'm an animator. Too vague? Ok. I shall attempt to break it down into finer, easily understood definitions. Animations basically involve the creation of moving pictures in a three-dimensional environment; Well, two-dimensional or three-dimensional environment really. This is done by sequencing consecutive images (also called frames). There, still too technical? (lol), okay I'm basically into motion graphics; the optical illusion of moving pictures, still too much? Okay, I bring life to still images. There we go.

I'm relatively new to the animation world, and I have my colleague and friend Donald Okudu to thank for this. Contrary to a popular belief that animators are mostly geeks or nerds with little or no understanding of life and socializing, the reverse proves to be the case (at least with me). Combining artistic ability, creativity, and technological ability, Animations are really quite fascinating. Personally, being able to feature in the creation process of various projects is an entirely new high for me.

I've been working at a studio; MADS--Mesh Advertising and Design Studio--house, for the past year. Ours is somewhat a scene from the big bang theory, where great minds come together and amazing work is done! There are various ways in which an animation can be made. These include utilising analogue media such as flip book animation (which is about the oldest, and easiest kind), motion picture film, and/or digital media such as animated gif and such like it. I focus more on digital media animation where a computer or projector is needed to view display.

As with almost everything in life, I have experienced varying challenges as an animator. I think my most pressing challenge has to be coming to terms (whether or not I like to) with the fact that it is secondary art; i.e “life would comfortably go on whether or not my services are available.” This is a tad heart-breaking, knowing I'm not necessarily "needed". The fact I'm an animator in Nigeria doesn't even make it any better, having to deal with clients that sometimes do not appreciate the art makes it even more difficult. It takes a lot of effort and patience to create even a basic animation, but these things are commonplace after all, nothing good comes easy.

We are visual beings and animations bring life to topics,Well designed animations pleasure our senses and are just wonderful to look at. They also serve as a great way to get-and keep the attention of the viewer. Animations are also a useful tool for interaction amongst co-workers,, people at gatherings etc. They are also a pleasant platform for kids at school to take quizzes and engage in educational games

Display page of an animation software
Animations are sincerely not a necessity as we can function without them, However, it enriches our lives, we are happier for it. It creates a pleasurable, emotional, and even sensory experience. People like to be hypnotized, they like to sit, turn off their minds and escape for a bit. More young adults should be encouraged to learn the art if their heart desires it for the future generally belongs to the technological savvy ones. Research. Get on the new media. Watch. Learn.

Yvonne Ifeoma is an animator, chemical engineer, and creative head from Nigeria. She's also a member of the TEDxStadiumRoad Organizing team. you can find her on twitter @why_vee

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