23 May 2014


"The turtles which outrun the hares are learning machines. If you stop learning in this world, the world rushes right by you." ~ Lucas Remmerswaal

The slow, funny, cunning shell-guy. That's the picture most of us carry in our minds about the tortoise--no thanks to the stories we were told as kids☺. I can hear someone ask, in this high-speed; high-tech world, why do we even need a slow tortoise around us? Why do we even go as far as dedicating a day to it on the international observance? Yes, I've got someone who has answers to all these and more questions you might have about the turtle and tortoise.

The American Tortoise Rescue (ATR) was founded over 2 decades ago by a couple, Susan and Marshall, their love for each other added to their passion for wildlife conservation has motivated them to save and re-home over 3000 turtles, as well as campaign for the protection of turtle habitats around the world. In their bid to take their project to the world, ATR has been sponsoring World Turtle Day since year 2000 and the global response both offline and online has been massive.

In course of our stroll, Susan shared her passion; the work ATR is into; and also some practical steps each and everyone of us can take to protect the tortoise and turtle for posterity. Here's my stroll with the American Tortoise Rescue; I hope you get 'edutained'.

18 May 2014

A STROLL WITH GIDEON AMICHAY (For International Museum Day)

                                           "Give me a museum and I'll fill it" ~Pablo Picasso

How much rejection can you put up with? once? thrice? how about one thousand? (hahaha) The thing is, our success-thirsty society puts so much pressure on us that we all look for the fastest way possible to get 'there'--you know, 'up there'--with the least number of rejections and failure

That's not how my guest, Mr Gideon, views success and the creative process. As a young cartoonist, his dream was to get his sketch into the prestigious New Yorker magazine, and he had to swallow a lot of 'NOs' and rejections, about 1000 rejected sketches for over a period of one year--and I'm not exaggerating--before his dream came true. I mean, is that even human? What is the source of such extra-ordinary perseverance
Also a committee member of the Israeli Cartoon Museum, Gideon told me about his motivation, his philosophy, and his dreams. we also talked about museums, digitization of museums, and so much more. Here's our discussion;