28 August 2015

STORY CONTEST: United Nations Development Programme Launches Story Competition in run-up to COP21

(Source: UNDP Nigeria)

UNDP has launched today a global storytelling contest,Voices2Paris, to contribute to raising public awareness on the negative impacts of climate change as well as on the opportunities and solutions seen in actions by individuals and governments alike across vulnerable developing countries worldwide.

“We want to provide young journalists in developing countries a unique opportunity to contribute to the global debate on climate change in the run-up to COP21, while building their capacity and providing recognition for excellence” noted Neil Buhne, UNDP Geneva Director.


Startup Nigeria is looking for writers, that will serve as interns, who can write about technology, agriculture, Startups, and other business related themes.

15 August 2015

[Report] #Act4Climate Exercise to Mark International Youth Day 2015

#Act4Climate was organized as a Climate Change Education and Advocacy Program to Commemorate the International Youth Day 2015.

Considering that climate change potentially represents a major threat to the Health and socio-economic stability of #Youth particularly in developing countries, young people with common interest and passion for #ClimateChange came together on International Youth Day 2015, 12th August, at the SRC Chambers, Student Union Building of the University of Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria to discuss the various ways humans are contributing to the Global Warming Processes due to their various anthropogenic activities due to lack of education and ignorance; and how citizens can inculcate adaptive measures in a way to lessen the existing impacts of Climate change and prevent future occurrences.

#AfricasBiggestBookProject: My Stroll with Naomi Lucas

My 98th Stroll is a conversation with Naomi Lucas, Founder of Graduate Pro and Project Director of Africa’s Biggest Book Project. Naomi tells me about this project and why it is important to Africa’s Literature and Job market. Just like I do with all my guests, I also got Naomi to share two life lessons she has learned so far which have made her excellent in all her endeavours.

You can listen or download this interview on The Stroll Podcast