19 August 2014

GETTING COUNTED FOR HUMANITY | Guest Post For World Humanitarian Day

"Short, engaging, directed at us all but with focal point on our youths, this write-up for World Humanitarian Day reminds us all of our responsibility to the society and to give whatever we can, no matter how little. And of course, to do that while we still have the time"- Editor's note 

Image Credit: ifrc.org
It is no longer news that the world is faced with myriad of challenges. Every country in the world today is faced with one problem or the other. In the Middle East, terrorism holds sway as thousands of lives are being cut short by the Islamic State (ISIS) group. Russia and Ukraine have been involved in a terrible duel for months now and this has also claimed a lot of lives. Thousands of civilians and military personnel have been sent to the great beyond over irreconcilable differences between two nations.

13 August 2014


                                                    "Lefties have rights!" ~Anonymous

Alongside his drumming partner, Harvey Thompson, Ralph and the BYOS Movement is redefining 'marching drumming' to the world. With seemingly impossible stick flips and curves, watching them perform will leave you totally stunned.

A graduate of Broadcast Journalism from Hampton University, Ralph Nader started his drumming career at seven, and so far, the 26 year old Brooklyn native has thrilled audiences around America and Europe.

Today is International Left handers Day and since drumming has to do with the use of the arms, I decided to have a stroll with Ralph to talk about drumming, his career so far, lefties, and much more. Here's my stroll with Ralph;

12 August 2014

THE FEAR OF BEING ALONE | Guest Post for International Youth Day 2014

"More often than not, we get uncomfortable about things and people that are not in tune with that which we have made comfortable in our personal realities and this influences our actions which in turn have (heavy) consequences. We need to step outside our comfort zone to reach for those who need our help."- Editor's note
Image Credit: tapestrysb

While growing up, I had a girl in my class who was smart, intelligent but had a shockingly low self-esteem and was afraid of being alone. She was always begging for two things: love and acceptance. She would write people’s notes for them while they went on break, trying so hard to get accepted in cliques she’d tell fake stories that put her in a sympathetic light. She had emotional issues and anxiety disorder that manifested in her actions no matter how hard she tried to cover. Soon, despite her efforts to fit in, she gave up from the rejection she got and withdrew. Last thing we heard was she’d transferred to another school.