16 November 2014

THE WALL BETWEEN US | Guest Post for International Day for Tolerance

"As the United Nations observes International Day for Tolerance, Viola Okolie lends her voice and calls attention to something we may be so quick to discard because it has become the norm - social media intolerance. Social media is a tool for change; if you are fighting on or through it, you'd better ask yourself, "Am I really fighting for change or simply fighting?"- Editor's Note

Image Credit: Blogofmanly 
As Nigerians prepare for the general elections billed to hold on the 14th of February 2015 where they are expected to elect a new group of politicians to steer the country in the right developmental direction, there is palpable tension in the air. If Valentine's day seems like an odd day to head to the polls, perhaps in choosing that day, the elections' umpire - The Independent National Electoral Commission - hopes to piggyback on the average Nigerian's sentimental nature and the worldwide recognition of that date as “Lovers' Day”, to conduct a hitch free election. Hopefully, the euphoria of all the Valentine's Day dinners and roses, cakes and dates would spill over into the next day and the day after and the day after...

4 November 2014

A STROLL WITH NNAMDI NWOHA (For International Animation Day)

(Credit: Nnamdi Nwoha)
AREA! is a “little” animation experiment, and the idea behind it is to provide Indigenous Animation drawing from everyday life in Nigeria. The result of this experiment is just Whao! Even the word “Viral”, is not good enough to describe how far it has spread across the blogosphere since it was launched about 3 years ago.

For this year’s Animation day, I’ll be strolling with the guy behind this sensation. Nnamdi is a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria, and he’s part of the rising generation of young Africans who are pushing the boundaries of Professionalism to create careers for themselves in their areas of passion.

We discussed the vision behind AREA!; how we can foster locally-made animation; Naruto; and much more. Here’s our conversation;