11 December 2015

#FollowtheMusicaLuca: My Stroll with Luca Berardi

Luca Berardi is 12. He has released 3 songs, one of which he performed at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in 2014. Luca is also founder of an organization called YARH which stands for, Young Animal Rescue Heroes through which he advocates for wildlife and environmental conservation.

Luca joins me from Nairobi, and we discussed among other things, his plans for music, the support he receives from his Mom and Dad (who are Kenyan and Italian respectively), and his plans for teenagehood as he clocks 13 next year.

You can listen or download this interview on #TheStrollPodcast or read a summarized transcript below.

10 December 2015

YOU ARE INVITED: WRR Literary Festival 2015 [Saturday, 12th Dec, 10AM]

As part of activities to commemorate the third year anniversary of Words Rhymes & Rhythm (WRR Limited) and celebrate the gains of 2015, a year which has seen remarkable growth in Nigerian literature, WRR is holding the ‘WRR Literary Festival 2015’.

The theme of the Festival is ‘FIST (FEAST) OF WORDS’:

DATE: Saturday 12th of December, 2015

VENUE: ARTS THEATRE, Department of Theatre Arts, University of Ibadan

TIME: 10 am – 7pm

8 December 2015

#SocialUN: My Stroll with Nancy Groves, United Nations Social Media Team Leader

The job of UN Social Media Team leader is as complex as you can imagine. From overseeing global social media campaigns to explaining complex diplomatic concepts and ideas in 140 characters all day-all year in all time zones, Nancy and the social media team go through a lot to keep us all engaged with the work of the United Nations around the world.

In course of this stroll, Nancy, who has worked for over a decade at the UN, takes us into the daily routine of the United Nations Social Media team and also shares some advice for young people hoping to work in the International Development sector.

OPPORTUNITY: The Saraba Manuscript Prize

Nigerian writers resident in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world are invited to submit completed fiction or non-fiction manuscripts. Please note that each writer is expected to submit only one manuscript for either the fiction or non-fiction category. The contest will produce a shortlist of ten writers, five in each category. All shortlisted manuscripts will initially be published as e-books and audio-books. In addition, Saraba Literary Trust will look to partner with one of the foremost literary publishers in Nigeria to publish the winning manuscripts from each category.

After publication, the shortlisted works will be promoted over the period of a year across major cities in Nigeria. Readings will be held at cultural centers and on university campuses. An intensive online campaign will also follow, which will feature collaborative social media interaction.

The prize includes an award of N100,000 to the winning manuscripts in the fiction and the non-fiction categories. All shortlisted entrants will receive a publishing deal from Saraba, including N100,000 advance against royalties.

#WriteSDGs: A Letter to COP21 Delegates -- Kingsley Ireh

Dear Delegate,

Understanding evidence from the past is important. So is making sense of recent trends. The real challenge, however, lies in understanding the complexities well enough to predict climate change.

Is global warming a scientific certainty or just a political liability? Why is the continued destruction of the Amazon rainforest relevant to the chemistry of global warming? The answer has to do with how Earth’s climate system is regulated and responds to change. There are many parts to the climate puzzle including incoming solar radiation, outgoing radiation from the earth, wind, and water currents, atmospheric gases, clouds, snow, and ice, volcanic gases and human activities. To fully understand global warming, we need to consider the rate at which changes is taking place and whether the climate system can respond at a similar rate. For example, we know that the Amazon rainforest is vanishing at these three times the rate it was less than 10years ago. By some evidence, 80% of Brazil ancient forest is already gone. How will these rapid changes affect the “steady-state” balance of climate regulation?

26 November 2015

American Corner to Screen Femi Amogunla’s "The Bargain" on December 4, 2015

As part of the United Nations' 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, American Corner, Ibadan, the Nigerian Society for International Arts and Culture, Firm Media Production and Liveinibadan.com join the world to stand against gender-based violence. 

The 16 Days of Activism is an annual international campaign that runs from 25 November (International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women), to 10 December (Human Rights Day). The Bargain is apt to raise awareness about these issues because it chronicles a woman’s life, from childhood to adulthood. 

25 November 2015

What’s Up Africa 3: My Stroll with Ikenna Azuike, Creator and Presenter, What’s Up Africa Show

Ikenna Azuike is the creator and presenter of What's Up Africa (a show produced by RNW Media and BBC World News) and co-founder of Strawberry Earth. What’s Up Africa returns for its third season, and in this new series Ikenna travels across the region to uncover some of East Africa’s most compelling stories. He finds out what it really takes to be middle class on the continent and why Zambia may be turning its back on China for a new best friend…

What’s up Africa, which was recently nominated for an AIB - International Media Excellence Award in the category of specialist programme, has already received over 1.5 million views online over the last two and a half seasons and is now making its content even more appealing to its mostly young, digitally-savvy audience. By airing two 90-second episodes a week – on Wednesdays and Fridays - instead of one longer piece, the new series will be more clickable and shareable on social media. 

On this episode of #TheStroll, Ikenna and I discuss; What’s Up Africa 3, the current state of press freedom on the African continent, and he also shares some advice for young people on self-discovery.

You can listen to my full conversation with Ikenna on #TheStrollPodcast or read a summarized transcript below:

17 November 2015

World Television Day 2015: My Stroll with Pavlina Osta, Celebrity Entertainment Journalist

November 21st is Word Television Day, and the UN acknowledges that television is one of the most influential forms of media for communication and information dissemination. My guest today, Pavlina Osta, is one name you should watch out for because she will soon be hitting the big screen in your living room.

Pavlina started hosting her own radio show at 11. Currently, at 18, she holds two Guinness world records. First for conducting the highest number of interviews within 24 hours; she interviewed 347 people in one day. Secondly, for the longest marathon playing steel drum; she played for 26 hours non-stop with only 5-minute breaks every hour. 

Her show, Pavlina’s Kid’s Place, is on 17 radio stations in the US including iHeart radio, and she has already received 2 Gracies—an award given to outstanding women in the media industry. 

Pavlina told me about the secret behind her “super power”, as well as her dreams of getting her own television talk show in the nearest future. 

Listen to our conversation on #TheStrollPodcast or read the summarized transcript after the cut

6 November 2015

WEF Africa at 25: My Stroll with Elsie Kanza, Senior Director & Head of Africa, World Economic Forum

This interview is so close to my heart because I finally got the chance to speak with one of the people who have made my 2015 a year to remember. Thanks to Prof Klaus Schwab’s undying support for the Global Shapers Community and Elsie’s constant push to increase the number of young people allowed to participate at World Economic Forum meetings, I was lucky to be selected as one of the 80 young Africans and Global shapers who got the opportunity to “rub shoulders” with continental and global leaders at the 25th Anniversary of the World Economic Forum on Africa. At the Africa Meeting we discussed Africa—then and now—taking a sneak peek into the future and highlighting what we have to do to get there from the present. At 22, it was my first time out of Nigeria, my second time ever to fly in an airplane, and it’s an experience I’ll never forget.

Let me tell you a bit about Elsie… Born to Tanzanian parents, she has completed, between 1997-2006, a BSc (Hons) in International Business Administration, United States International University - Africa; MSc in Finance, University of Strathclyde, UK; and MA in Development Economics, Center for Development Economics, Williams College, USA. She has served in various capacities with the Ministry of Finance and central Bank of Tanzania. 

From 2006-2011, she was Personal Assistant to Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, President of the United Republic of Tanzania, responsible for Economic Affairs. She joined the World Economic Forum in 2011 and in 2014 she became Senior Director and Head of Africa of the World Economic Forum. Her other accolades include, Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leadership Fellow (2008); Young Global Leader nominee, World Economic Forum (2011); Rising Talents nominee Program of the Women's Forum for the Economy and Society (2011).

Elsie and I discussed everything. From Africa to her journey so far; including her bucket list. You can listen or download our full conversation on #TheStrollPodcast or read a summarized transcript below:

5 November 2015

Shaping Africa’s Tourism: My Stroll with Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey

"Where is Africa rising to, when it is easier, 3 times cheaper, safer and less stressful to travel through Europe on a Nigerian passport? than it is to travel through Africa?", Nigerian Author and Satirist, Elnathan John, asked this recently on Twitter, and as we discuss the Tourism sector in Africa in course of this interview, this same issue was raised by my guest, Rosalin.

Rosalin Abigail Kyere-Nartey is a Global Shaper and Curator of the World Economic Forum Global Shapers Community in Kumasi, Ghana. She is also a Vital Voice Lead Fellow, Green Growth Tourism Advocate, Hospitality and Tourism consultant and social entrepreneur with extensive experience in tourism and hospitality management, program development and disaster management.

Rosalin is a seasoned and successful leader with a track record of producing, presenting and managing the implementation of innovative hospitality and tourism business solutions and services. She has over five years experience in the hospitality and the tourism sector.

In course of this stroll we discuss the potential of tourism to transform the African continent as well as some work from the Kumasi Hub in Ghana.

You can either listen to this interview on The Stroll Podcast, or read the summarized transcript below

26 October 2015

#COP21Series: My Interview with His Excellency Stephane Gompertz

His Excellency Stéphane Gompertz inspecting a guard of honour

My first guest on #COP21SERIES is His Excellency Ambassador Stéphane Gompertz. An accomplished diplomat, a Climate veteran and an astute negotiator who has seen it all. He has attended 10 out of 21 COPs. He joins me from Paris France as he shares his experience with Climate mobilization and negotiations. He has just finished final Bonn climate change negotiations and he assures me how the France-the COP Presidency will deliver a successful and historic 21st Century climate deal.

Through the interview, he gives promising revelations that gives us hope that war on Climate change is not yet lost. His trips across Africa and Middle East speak of a man who wants the world leaders to act on Climate change with utmost swiftness before everything gets out of hand. I believe you will find this interview very interesting.

23 October 2015

#UN70: My Stroll with Elyx, United Nations Digital Ambassador

Elyx is the United Nations’ first digital ambassador, and its job description is, One, to smile; two, to carry the message of the UN around the world; and three, to smile again (Lol)

As we celebrate United Nations Day, today October 24th, I take a stroll with the brain behind this wonderful project, Elyx, to discuss animation as a force for good and Elyx’ journey around the world carrying out his duty as digital ambassador.

Watch out! Elyx might be visiting your city soon!!! Here’s my stroll with Yak and Elyx.

Global Dignity Day 2015: My Stroll with His Royal Highness Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway

Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, is the heir apparent to the Throne of Norway. In 2003 he was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) with a particular focus on the UN Millennium Development Goals and the effort to cut global poverty in half by 2015. As Goodwill Ambassador he travelled to Haiti, Nepal, Tanzania, Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Burundi, Mongolia and Botswana.

A former member of the World Economic Forum’s group, Young Global Leaders (YGL), Crown Prince Haakon in 2006 alongside two other YGLs, Pekka Himanen and John Hope Bryant, founded the Global Dignity initiative, an independent, non-political organization that promotes the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life.

In course of this stroll we looked back at the MDGs and projected into the future with the SDGs juxtaposing them with the need for each and every one of us to live dignified lives as we all work towards the betterment of this place we call home, earth.

19 October 2015

OPPORTUNITY: Internship for Writers Resident in Port Harcourt

Do you love writing?

Are you resident in Port Harcourt, Nigeria?

Lunaris Review Calls for Submissions

Lunaris Review , a Journal of Art and the Literary, is an online quarterly Journal based in Nigeria with the ultimate goal of bringing together creative minds to a common platform of artistry and beauty while providing the audience a satisfying read. The journal features fiction (flash fiction and short story), creative nonfiction, essays, poetry, artworks and photography by established and emerging writers and artistes all over the world.

14 October 2015

OPPORTUNITY: Voices of Youth Blogging Internship [Deadline: Oct 30]

Are you between the ages of 14 and 24? 

Do you care about social, cultural, political and economic issues?

Are you interested in improving your blogging and digital media skills?

This is your chance to apply for a 3 months blogging internship with Voices of Youth - UNICEF's vibrant online youth community.

We are looking for 10-15 young people from across the world - fluent in English - who will blog at least once a week and participate in online discussions on the platform.

During the internship you will receive regular feedback on your writing, get access to tips&tricks on how to write a good blog post and exchange ideas with other blogging interns. At the end of the internship you will have improved your blogging skills, gained new insights into global development issues and been connected to a network of international young bloggers.

9 October 2015

#WorldsLargestLesson: My Stroll with Sir Ken Robinson

I have been trying to interview Sir Ken Robinson for the past 3 years, and I wouldn’t have been worried if I had to wait a lifetime to eventually do a stroll with him because he’s just incredible. And many thanks to the guys at Project Everyone for making this happen. 

Just in case you’re from a rock somewhere in Mars, and you’re asking who’s this Ken Robinson anyway (because only someone from Mars will ask that, Lol).Well, Sir Ken Robinson is an internationally recognized leader in the development of creativity, innovation and human resources in education and in business. The videos of his famous 2006 and 2010 talks to the prestigious TED Conference have been viewed more than 25 million times and seen by an estimated 250 million people in over 150 countries. His 2006 talk is the most viewed in TED’s history.

Ken was diagnosed with polio at age 4, but he defied all odds to find his own element which has distinguished him in his field and made him internationally relevant and highly sought after. He works with governments and educations systems in Europe, Asia and the USA; with international agencies, Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations.

In course of this stroll, we discuss how he wrote the script for the World’s Largest Lesson which will teach kids and teens all over the world about the SDGs and the part they can play, as well as his recent book “Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution that's Transforming Education"

What more can I say? Enjoy this inciting conversation with Ken. You can either choose to download it on the stroll podcast or read the summarized transcript below.

6 October 2015

PURPLE STORIES: World Mental Health Day 2015

In September 2014, Carol Todd, mother of late Amanda Todd, wrote a guest post for World Suicide Prevention Day. In that post, which was edited by Mary Ajayi, Carol said, "It is time to continue talking more openly about mental health and suicide. It will not go away on its own...."

#PurpleStories is a product of that advice. 

OPPORTUNITY: Do You Know a Nigerian Star? Enter Konnect Africa's Online Writing Competition! [Deadline: Oct 21st]

Is there any person that makes you burst with pride at being Nigerian? Who do you know that is selfless, passionate, purposeful and patriotic?

There are Nigerians with Green and White blood flowing through their veins who are making a difference,unsung heroes across the length and breadth of Nigeria, and it is imperative that we AWAKEN the SPIRIT of PATRIOTISM in the hearts of NIGERIANS everywhere as we celebrate our 55th Anniversary… And in addition, INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE the next generation of African Writers.


By Tim Nwaobilo

Growing up there was this popular saying: A teacher's reward is in heaven. I wonder who doesn't expect a reward in heaven, at least if one gets there. It's been a while I heard such unfair and unrewarding sentence, but has the rarity of such biased statements proved that teachers now have a better fair? 

Well, that is left to be seen. Have they started gaining their rewards right here on earth like most other professionals? My mother was a teacher while I was a kid and I saw the amount of dedication she put into her job. 

There were some characters she necessarily had to develop/use if she was going to be an effective teacher. Briefly, I'll highlight some fundamental traits I think every good teacher possesses. 

1 October 2015


By ThankGod Okorisha

After carefully making my research about the colour Green, I write this article with conviction that my country Nigeria is blessed. One of the colours of the Nigerian flag is Green, you will agree with me after reading this article that Nigeria as a nation is blessed to have Green as one of its national colours. Listen, Read and Watch as Colour Green takes you into his world and tells you why he is the best colour amongst other colours.

30 September 2015

FREE e-BOOK: "Smart Photography with your Smart Phone" by Tony Cece

In today’s mobile society, we are shooting pictures and videos almost on a daily basis. These powerful little devices in our pockets, purses and man-bags allow us to instantly access, create and distribute media to our friends, family and the world! 

Filled only with smartphone photos, this book will teach you simple ways to take better photographs. You can harness the power of these techniques to make great pictures and tell visual stories. Smartphone. Smart Photography.

FROM CHIBOK TO WASHINGTON: How One Man is Fighting Terrorism with his Good Deeds

One of the orphans being welcomed to America by one of the Chibok girls and Emmanuel and family last weekend.

By Ebenezar Wikina

Just like every viral news story that has come before it, #BringBackOurGirls seems to be far from media attention over one year after this hashtag got the world talking. However, it is important to note that the negative effect of terrorist activity in Nigeria's North-East is far from  over, as orphans, IDPs, Widows, widowers are all trying to gather the pieces of their lives back together.

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post by a man named Emmanuel Ogebe, and in that post he described how he has been able to help a dozen of girls from Chibok, some of who have been made orphans, no thanks to the stupid action of merciless terrorists in Borno state, Nigeria.

I couldn't help but beg for his permission to reblog this post to inspire each and every one of us to strive to do something that will touch the lives of those around us who are in need. 

Hear Mr Ogebe:

29 September 2015

OPPORTUNITY: WCF's Sports Journalism Programme for Students [Deadline: Oct 20]

Student journalists from around the world can apply for the program.

The World Curling Federation (WCF) is accepting applications for its sports media trainee program. Eight students will be selected to be immersed in the journalism, photography and TV production departments of the 2015-2016 curling championships.

OPPORTUNITY: New Media Writing Prize 2015 [Deadline: 27th Nov, 11th Dec]

The New Media Writing Prize showcases exciting and inventive stories that integrate a variety of formats, platforms, and digital media. This international prize is now in its 6th year.

The prize encourages and promotes the best in new media writing and is leading the way toward the future of the ‘written’ word and storytelling. In the past five years, the NMWP has attracted entries from the very best and most innovative writers in the field.

#UN70: My Stroll with Noella Richard, UNDP Youth Policy Specialist and Co-chair of the UN Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development

Noëlla Richard leads UNDP’s global work on Youth in the Bureau for Policy and Programme Support in New York, in charge of the coordination of UNDP’s work on Youth, and the co-chair of the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Youth Development for 2015-2016.

She previously served in UNDP’s Democratic Governance Group as Special Assistant to the Director, and as Democratic Governance Specialist, co-leading UNDP’s Global initiative on Gender Equality in Public Administration.

Prior to UNDP Headquarters, Ms. Richard worked for the Permanent Mission of France to the United Nations, UNESCO, the Global Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, the French Ministry of Finance, the Paris Economic Council for Sustainable Development and UNDP Country Office in Morocco.

Ms. Richard was educated in France, Morocco, Spain and Argentina. She graduated from the Institut d’Études Politiques ‘Sciences Po’ in Paris and holds a second Master’s degree in Development, International Cooperation and Humanitarian Action from Sorbonne University.

Noella joins me from New York, and we discussed the 70th session of the UN General Assembly, the #SDGs, and much more. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

You can either chose to listen or download this interview on #TheStrollPodcast, or read transcript below

25 September 2015

United Nations General Assembly 2015: Brief Programme Guide and How to get involved via Social Media.

Interested in what is going down this week in New York at the United Nations General Assembly? Not too worry, we have put together a small guide on what will be going down and how you can participate virtually.

First, here’s a brief programme run down:

#YALI2015: My Stroll with Nkem Azinge

“Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves” ~ James Matthew Barrie

I feel so much peace after completing this stroll because, I didn’t want to break the “twin code”—if there’s anything like that—by strolling with Nkechi Azinge but not strolling with her twin sister, Nkem. Besides that, Nkem’s story just like Nkechi’s, is very inspiring and it’s just fascinating to see how both of them, with two different personalities, complement each other so well, and are soaring at the very peak; inspiring other young Africans to reach for their potential and shine.

Nkem is a 2015 Mandela Washington fellow, and being the major inspiration behind the establishment of the Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF), she has worked with her sister, family and friends to raise the awareness of sickle cell in Nigeria. 

In course of this stroll we discuss how she was able to conquer sickle cell, her experience at the 2015 Mandela-Washington Fellowship, the strides of SCAF, and much more. You can either choose to read this summarized transcript, or download the full interview on The Stroll Podcast.

[Report] MUN-VoN Commemorates International Day of Peace 2015

Each year the International Day of Peace is observed around the world on 21 September. This day offers an opportunity to pause, reflect and consider how best to break the vicious cycle of violence that conflict creates.

As a day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace, both within and among all nations and peoples, Model United Nations Volunteers Network(MUN-VoN) commemorated the 2015 International Day of Peace with a Peace Education and Capacity Building Outreach with Secondary School Students in the City of Ibadan, Oyo State Nigeria.

24 September 2015

OPPORTUNITY: What Africa do You See?

"The Africa I see" seeks to share Africa and the good happening around us and what we want to do to make it better. A positive outlook. This it does through pictures and people stories. Contributors can share a picture and the story to it. 

21 September 2015

‪#‎UN70‬: My Stroll with Margareta Wahlstrom, Special Representative of the Secretary General on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Risk Reduction is not a stand-alone issue… you cannot achieve sustainable development if you don’t recognize and manage risk.SRSG Margareta Wahlstrom.

Ms. Wahlstrom was made the first SRSG (Special Representative of the Secretary General) for Disaster Risk Reduction in 2008, and since then she's been leading UNISDR (The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction) to forge partnerships with governments to ensure a safer world for everyone.

Ms Wahlstrom and I discussed this week's UNGA (the United Nations General Assembly) and the work of the United Nations since its inception 70 years ago; the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and its relation to the SDGs, and the Refugee crisis in Europe and North America.

It's Monday, 21st September 2015. Ms Margareta joins me from Geneva at 7:25am Nigerian time. I hope you enjoy our conversation. 

You can either choose to read this summarized transcript, or download the full interview on my podcast Channel.

OPINION: Why Should Teachers/Lecturers be Given So Much Authority?

By Sicily 

I'm really bothered about this so I will go straight to the point. 

Ahmed has been all over the news, and #IStandwithAhmed was trending globally because he (Ahmed) decided to share his moment of joy and creativity with his teacher--whom he looks up to--and he was arrested for it. Ahmed designed a home-made clock in a briefcase, and brought it to his teacher for appraisal only to be arrested few minutes after because the teacher, with so much authority, labelled Ahmed as a terrorist and condemned him.

20 September 2015

SIGN UP NOW: It is Free!!!

We live in a very exciting time in the history of humanity. More than ever before, writers can tap into the power of the internet to forge their survival as artists and spread their message to the world in one click!

17 September 2015

FREE e-BOOK: Download UNCHURCHED by Emeka Nobis

About the Author
Emeka J. Nobis, born 1st July, 1980, attended the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he bagged a Second Class Upper degree in Industrial Production Engineering in 2003.

On graduating,he was employed to work as a field engineer in Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited in 2006. During his daily interactions, he observed people who lived below their performance indices simply because of the way they allowed defeatist modes of thinking to control them.

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Praxis Magazine is Publishing Artists and Writers for Free

PRAXIS MAGAZINE FOR ARTS AND LITERATURE is calling for submissions from Artists and Writers all over the world. Categories open for submissions are:

1) Poetry
2) Essays on Arts and/or Literature
3) Podcast recordings of Spoken Word poetry or Interviews with Artists or Writers
4) Stories/Poems/Essays written in indigenous African languages (accompanied with English translation)

15 September 2015

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: The 2016 Commonwealth Short Story Prize

Deadline: November 1st, 2015 

Eligibility and entry rules

Please read these eligibility and entry rules before beginning the online entry process.

Submission of an entry is taken as acceptance of the entry rules.

For any entry or eligibility queries not covered below, please email writers@commonwealth.int for clarification before submitting an entry.

Opening date

1 September 2015

Closing date

Entries must be submitted via the online entry form by 1 November 2015 (12 noon GMT)

No entries will be considered if submitted after this date.

NOVEL COMPETITION: MSLEXIA Women's Novel Competition

Deadline: 21st September

Mslexia invites submissions to its 2015 Women’s Novel Competition.

11 September 2015

OPPORTUNITY: The TOUCH PORT HARCOURT Social Media Internship Programme is Still Open

The TOUCHPH six [6] months Social Media Internship Program [SIP] is ideal for young people of 25 years of age and below who are interested in furthering his/her education or deepening their experience in the world of digital media/marketing. The internship will provide exposure to various aspects of digital media that may include, but are not limited to: social media, search engine marketing, organic search engine optimization and analytics.

Learning objectives are achieved through training, observation and learning by doing under close supervision with constructive feedback.

All duties and responsibilities listed below are facilitated under close observation through a mentor-mentee relationship.

This is a non-paying internship program. Stipends will however be given to cover transportation logistics.

LITERARY CONTEST: The GOODFRUIT Literary Contest Can Make Your Publishing Dreams Come True

Deadline for submissions: 23rd September 2015.

Funding a new generation of storytellers – open for entries.


The GOODFRUIT Literary Contest, is the first of its kind – a national ‘call’ to passionate writers who want to bring their literary imaginations to life through the power of crowdfunding.

The GOODFRUIT Literary Contest is looking for anyone who has an idea, a plot or a story that they want to pen. It could be a spy thriller, a biography, a children’s book, a love story or a fantasy epic.

“We’re looking for writers and books that push boundaries. Inspirational authors like C.S Lewis were bold writers and we want to continue in that spirit and see a new generation of writers who will stretch the imagination of culture” says Anthony O-Thomas, founder of GOODFRUIT.

OPPORTUNITY: Dantanyze is Looking for Contract Writers/Bloggers

Datanyze.com is looking for contract writers / bloggers to contribute to our blog on a regular basis. Our topic focus is: 

OPPORTUNITY: UNICEF is Looking for a Remote Editor

If you are a passionate and committed professional and want to make a lasting difference for children, the world's leading children's rights organization would like to hear from you.


UNICEF works to advance the rights of adolescents across all its programmes and policies. A small team of specialists promotes programming for adolescents that build on their assets and strengths, while addressing their unique vulnerabilities and risks. 

UNICEF is developing an “Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation,” which is a package of guidance, resources and supplies to reach, engage and support the healthy development of children in the second decade of life, especially those in humanitarian contexts. This “Adolescent Kit for Expression and Innovation” is designed to strengthen and catalysed programmes and interventions UNICEF and partners implement throughout the humanitarian action cycle and in other challenging settings. The entire kit provides approaches and activities that can be used in UNICEF’s child protection, education, and youth programmes and partnerships, including Child-Friendly Spaces, community-based protection approaches, schools and education programmes (both formal and nonformal) and youth centres, as well as supplies to make those approaches and activities more feasible and engaging in low-resource contexts.

SEEKING REFUGE: Why the Refugee Crisis in Europe Should Bother You.

If a refugee will knock on your door tonight, all tired and hungry, will you let him/her in?

It's all over the media. people, a lot of people, displaced by war and IS are seeking refuge in Europe and the Middle East, and every day more and more people take that life-threatening journey in the search for safety.

9 September 2015

PETITION: Road to Paris--Care About Climate.

Climate change is both a civilizational and generational wake-up call to alter our economy, our lifestyles, now before they get changed for us. The alarm bells of the climate crisis have been ringing in our ears for years and are getting louder all the time-yet humanity has failed to change course. What is wrong with us?

#UN70: My Stroll with Bridget Sisk, Chief, UN Archives and Records Management Section

You can listen or download this interview on the Stroll Podcast

When the UN General Assembly starts in September, global leaders will sit together to agree on a new development agenda for the world and commemorate 7 decades of the United Nations' existence as an organization. My guest today is Bridget Sisk, Chief, UN Archives and Records Management Section.

Bridget, who has a very broad knowledge of the UN System having spent over two decades in the organization, told me about the broad scope the records and management section covers; the digitization of UN records and archives which she has pioneered; as well as the life lessons young people can learn from her experience working around the world.

I hope our conversation inspires you.

8 September 2015

INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY 2015: What I learned from Interacting with Malala Yousafzai, Zuriel Oduwole, and Adora Svitak.

By Ebenezar Wikina

8th September is International Literacy Day, and the theme for this year's observance is Literacy and Sustainable Societies. This evening I was thinking about how far the fight for Girl Child education has gone, and these 3 wonderful ladies came to mind--funny enough I've had a Q & A Session with all three in the past.

7 September 2015

BOOK REVIEW: “The Girl Who Found Water” by Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike

Book Reviewed by: Ebenezar Wikina

The Girl Who Found Water is a memoir written by Chibuzor Mirian Azubuike on her time—and giant strides—as a youth corper in the dreaded North East of Nigeria. Chibuzor is from Nnewi in Anambra State, Nigeria, and she holds a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Benin, Nigeria. She is a recipient of the NYSC State Honours award, and numerous commendations from the Office of the Governor of Bauchi State, and the Bauchi State Ministry of Water Resources. In recognition of her effort during her youth service year she was named “Lady Haske” and crowned Sarkin Aiyuka by the community of Bigi Tudunwada in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

FLASH FICTION COMPETITION: AMAB Books Announces 1st Bi-Annual Flash Fiction Writing Competition

AMAB Books in collaboration with Home of Books Foundation announces the 1st Bi-Annual Flash Fiction Writing Competition. This competition is organized to generate appreciable publicity for the improvement of the reading and writing culture in Nigeria. The mission is to initiate and encourage avid readers and transform them into talented writers that will usher Nigeria and Africa into the next century of literary greatness.

28 August 2015

STORY CONTEST: United Nations Development Programme Launches Story Competition in run-up to COP21

(Source: UNDP Nigeria)

UNDP has launched today a global storytelling contest,Voices2Paris, to contribute to raising public awareness on the negative impacts of climate change as well as on the opportunities and solutions seen in actions by individuals and governments alike across vulnerable developing countries worldwide.

“We want to provide young journalists in developing countries a unique opportunity to contribute to the global debate on climate change in the run-up to COP21, while building their capacity and providing recognition for excellence” noted Neil Buhne, UNDP Geneva Director.


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