24 October 2013


Without doubt, the world organization, United Nations, has been working for the betterment of humanity as a whole and as with most organizations, there are flaws, weaknesses, there are also strengths. On Justitia today, below are individual views about the UN and its 'workings'. We ‘judge’ the successes and failures of the UN and encourage its members to work more, for there is always room for improvement.


'The Australian conduct with asylum seekers, the incarcerated innocents in Guantanamo bay, the right to protest on the high seas ... ... these are issues of human rights that need some justice to turn up soon. The right to be part of a family, the right to life - both are denied when 36,000 Nigerian mothers die annually because we can't find N2000 to deliver them safely.

The "godfathering" for UN jobs and the basic requirements for degrees for courses that are really only offered in euromerica shuts out people with local knowledge and local solutions. The mobilization after the tsunami in the Indian ocean 2004 was impressive. These should be looked into.''


Without doubt the world needs a stable United Nations which works and cares for humanity rather than politics and the tacit approval and connivance of warmongers bleeding the world into submission We don't need more "UNITED PUPPETS", evidently there are more cowards in our world today with attendant consequences of instability and war campaigns. Someone reduced the recent shut-down in the US to inadequacies of the Democrats and the President. But I dare say, when a man is broke, first he has to check what gulps most of his money. The world knows that warring only feeds a few and silences many, that exactly is why expending huge resources to prosecute needless wars is reprehensible and a moral burden on the US and its allies. And the circus of the UN can not expect anything because they are clowns and puppets operated by their paymasters. Bless the memories of late President Hugo Chavez, one of the few men who chose to speak and defend the truth, vehemently too against this unjustified genocide across the globe,


The United Nations has tried its possible good to attend to the welfare of all member states; and its concern for World Peace & Security led to the establishment of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). To an extent, the UN has done something. But, how effective have they been? First, I will like to say that as a reader of the different versions of the Nigerian Civil War, it would not have been history without a fair level of intervention by the United Nations. The major setback often faced by the UNSC in dispatching its well-meaning help to ensure peace and security is the individual interest of the UNSC super-powers (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom and The United States). Of all efforts made by the UNSC to stall the Syrian crisis, the agreement to destroy all chemical weapons in Syria is the only known success. This, in itself, is an achievement: but it is partial. The interests of U.S and Russia (possibly in the Syrian economy) has pegged the joint effort of the UNSC as the rebels have the support of the US and President al-Assad was provided with warheads to combat the rebels by the Russian government. In 1999, a UN peacekeeping force was setup in DR Congo. 14 years and over US$8billion later, the civil war in Congo is still on. About three days ago, the rebels there rejected the conditions of the UN and the government for peace with amnesty. Judging by these cases, it may look sane to generalize the measures taken by the UN to have failed. From 1914 to 1919, the World War I took place. In 1945, World War II ended. In January 1946, the UN established the UNSC and it has been able to check the excesses of the 'super-power countries' and avoid a third world war. This is the major yardstick of success and effectiveness of the UN on Peace and Security, and for this, I say WELLDONE!

With respect to the permanent seating of the UNSC which plays a major role in its mission to uphold peace all over the world, some issues have to be addressed still. For some time now, there has been a proposal for the expansion of the permanent membership of the Council. The G4 - Germany, India, Japan, Brazil have consistently been mentioned; these countries are bound together by the mutual support for each other's bid for permanent seats on the UNSC. In Africa, three names- Nigeria, Egypt and South Africa- have consistently been mentioned. Nigeria is the 7th world-largest nation and South Africa has the largest economy in Africa. The UNSC has been a mediator in African nations such as Egypt, DR Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya - to name a few. For this, the UNSC should expand its permanent seats to accommodate at least two African countries. For example, Nigeria and South-Africa has played a vital role in peacekeeping missions of the UN all over the world. This commitment and those of a few other countries is worthy of a reward. With this improvement, other continents like South America, Africa and Asia will have a considerable say in the decision-making of the UNSC. This development will go a long way in ensuring subsequent successful measures.

The United Nations volunteering platform is a good move in the right direction. It has helped the organization get more people involved in its activities. The United nations volunteering, when compared to other humanitarian organizations, like the red cross still stands out to be different as no special skill is required, and adequate training is provided, thereby an added knowledge for the volunteer. The United Nations Nigeria, still has flaws. Inadequate publicity for most of it volunteering programs is one, and this makes it such that past volunteers are the only ones who have access to such information. This however cannot be solved if social media platform is not well used. A lot of people see the United Nations as "the almighty organization" and don't pay attention to its adverts on Newspapers, and other prints.

It must be said, that the United Nations is doing a lot of work in ensuring peace, and development especially in third world countries like ours. The UN leadership, must however be made more democratic and African leaders given a chance to lead. UNESCO, as an organ of the United Nations should by-now know that statistics from the Government of Nigeria at both state and Federal level aren't correct as it was referred to as "glorified figures". UNESCO, therefore should conduct personal assessment from grassroots. This I mean by checking the quality of education of member nations most especially African nations seeking development through questionnaires, personal survey open to the general public from time to time.

In addition to Volunteering, though every volunteer isn't seeking reward, but pictures alone should not be the proof of work with the UN. Every volunteer should be given a certificate of participation at least in honour of their time and service rendered to humanity.

The man who will be wise beyond his years must listen to the words of others regardless of status. Likewise, he who desires to help others must be sensitive to their condition. We call on the UN to take these words to heart, review and respond favourably. If the 'collectivity' and 'unity' we all are working towards will be realized, we must listen to one another and be willing to make necessary changes, no matter how inconvenient it may be. Let justice be done to these words, and in all corners of the world...even if the heavens fall.

Mary Ajayi (@megadoxa)

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