11 September 2015

SEEKING REFUGE: Why the Refugee Crisis in Europe Should Bother You.

If a refugee will knock on your door tonight, all tired and hungry, will you let him/her in?

It's all over the media. people, a lot of people, displaced by war and IS are seeking refuge in Europe and the Middle East, and every day more and more people take that life-threatening journey in the search for safety.

My Two cents: Some European countries have agreed to open up their borders to accommodate some refugees while other countries in the region are still reluctant. 

I haven't spoken with USG Babatunde (ED, UNFPA) since the migration started, but I am very sure that the numbers are pretty high and it will surely have adverse effects on host nations. In order to prevent a population disaster, I'll advise that the world powers--who will coincidentally be meeting in a few weeks--should not get carried away with solving the EFFECT of the migration but should find a lasting and sustainable solution to the CAUSE of the migration. Of course it's easier said than done, but this is one way I think this problem can be solved before the refugees can go home.

Sometime in March, I strolled with Melissa Fleming, Chief Spokesperson of the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), and she said something which I think is applicable to the current challenge the world is facing today. 

Read my stroll with Melissa here>> http://bit.ly/1igRKJG

Also so much has been said about nations that have refused to take in refugees, and this has got me thinking about my own compassion level as a human being, and I will leave you with same question I started with. 

If a refugee will knock on your door this night, all tired and hungry, will you let him/her in?

How much love do you have for your "neighbor"?

By: Ebenezar Wikina
(Images Credit: sourced via Google Images)

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