17 September 2015

FREE e-BOOK: Download UNCHURCHED by Emeka Nobis

About the Author
Emeka J. Nobis, born 1st July, 1980, attended the prestigious Federal University of Technology, Owerri where he bagged a Second Class Upper degree in Industrial Production Engineering in 2003.

On graduating,he was employed to work as a field engineer in Saipem Contracting Nigeria Limited in 2006. During his daily interactions, he observed people who lived below their performance indices simply because of the way they allowed defeatist modes of thinking to control them.
He developed a passion for helping these individuals overcome their limitations and begin to perform better and live more fulfilling lives. His work with them yielded tremendous results. He is passionate about seeing individuals scale above their ineptitude and crawl out of the pits of poverty to peaks of development and by extension, to other facets 

He is the founder of Profound Impacts International, a personal development company hinged on the five pillars- mind, financial,work and career, family and relationships and spirituality. He is the Lead Chief Impactor. He is public speaker who speaks with undeterred eloquence, clarity and devotion. He is married to Joy Nobis and lives in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Emeka Nobis has also developed professional skill in public speaking and have featured in a number of seminars/lectures/workshops across the country.

About the Book

Emeka says, "Writing UNCHURCHED is an offshoot into the spiritual aspect of our lives. It is an ongoing project. In the discovery of truth, it will surely be overhauled. It was written with all intent to bless by empowering Christians and non-Christians to think dynamically and embrace worthy scriptural practices that will build our societies on the foundations of peace, love, unity and joy.

Every effort was made to sieve the book and make it free of errors – context, content, grammar, tenses and punctuations. However, just like fine grains of sand can escape the sieve into rice, I am responsible if you see an uncrossed t or a dotless i. Feel free to email me (my email is on the last page of the book) your findings and we will incorporate them."

Download the book HERE

(Source: Emeka Nobis, www.emekanobis.com/)

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