8 September 2015

INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY 2015: What I learned from Interacting with Malala Yousafzai, Zuriel Oduwole, and Adora Svitak.

By Ebenezar Wikina

8th September is International Literacy Day, and the theme for this year's observance is Literacy and Sustainable Societies. This evening I was thinking about how far the fight for Girl Child education has gone, and these 3 wonderful ladies came to mind--funny enough I've had a Q & A Session with all three in the past.


My Nobel-prize-winning-sweet-heart doesn't even need any introduction in most parts of the world today. When Malala made her twitter debut in 2013 during a twitter Q & A session at the social Good Summit, I was the person she tweeted at. No I'm not kidding>> http://bit.ly/1UD2PQV


Zury baby (Even though her manager will always try to correct me, "No call her Zuriel" Lol). I strolled with Zuriel for the 2014 International Literacy Day. Besides campaigning for the girl child she has had one-on-ones with over 14 global leaders>> http://huff.to/1Nep9jf


Adora is just amazing. Her TED talk is in my top 5. Her Mum Joyce is equally amazing, and I still remember how shocked I was when Adora agreed to stroll with me back in 2013 >> http://bit.ly/1K21qNZ

These 3 young ladies have seen the power of books in their lives, and so they're sharing it wit the rest of the world. How can you share what you know with someone today?

The Port Harcourt Global Shapers will be sharing what they know with some kids at the Juvenile Home here in Port Harcourt tomorrow, but before that we'll be on 91.7 Radio Port Harcourt from 11am-12noon. Join in if you can. Have a great #LiteracyDay

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