24 September 2015

OPPORTUNITY: What Africa do You See?

"The Africa I see" seeks to share Africa and the good happening around us and what we want to do to make it better. A positive outlook. This it does through pictures and people stories. Contributors can share a picture and the story to it. 

The contributors can be from various countries and all photo credits will go to them. If it's a high quality photo it can be sold and the revenues go to the photographer and a portion of it will go to the admin. 

If they are not for sale the credits still go to the photographer focusing on the impact story. If there are pictures of people kindly to all contributors get approvals from them to share. Otherwise one can get sued. 

Interested in raising Africa's profile? send a mail to theafricaisee@gmail.com.

(Source: The Africa I See, http://www.theafricaisee.com/)

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