25 September 2015

United Nations General Assembly 2015: Brief Programme Guide and How to get involved via Social Media.

Interested in what is going down this week in New York at the United Nations General Assembly? Not too worry, we have put together a small guide on what will be going down and how you can participate virtually.

First, here’s a brief programme run down:

The world is listening as the 70th Session of the UN General Assembly convenes this September in New York. Help spread the word by using these hashtags: 

#UNGA, #GlobalGoals and #Action2015 

DPI’s Social Media Team will be covering a wide range of events and conferences throughout the month. To find out more follow us on: 

• Snapchat: united-nations 

Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian + more here: http://www.un.org/social/ 

Ways to Get Involved on Social Media 

• Feature the series of social media content and products, developed by the United Nations Department of Public Information and partners to engage the public. 

• To make it easier to follow all activities, use #UNGA hashtag when posting on your various platforms. For the Sustainable Development Summit, use #GlobalGoals and #Action2015. Uses of these hashtags will be highlighted on UN accounts. 

• Encourage your followers and fans to get involved and support the Sustainable Development Goals. Ideas for taking action are at: http://j.mp/takeSDGsaction2015 

• Follow the UN for updates. A list of the UN’s social media platforms can be found at: www.un.org/social 

• Share the products and messages with staff maintaining your mission or government social media accounts, your networks and partners to help amplify reach. •

Encourage your national influencers to get involved by posting content and materials on their accounts. 

Digital products in the six official languages and suggested social media messages are available at: http://j.mp/ungasocial and http://j.mp/summitsocial

Questions, comments and content submissions: socialmedia@un.org.

(Source: United Nations Social Media Team)

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