30 September 2015

FROM CHIBOK TO WASHINGTON: How One Man is Fighting Terrorism with his Good Deeds

One of the orphans being welcomed to America by one of the Chibok girls and Emmanuel and family last weekend.

By Ebenezar Wikina

Just like every viral news story that has come before it, #BringBackOurGirls seems to be far from media attention over one year after this hashtag got the world talking. However, it is important to note that the negative effect of terrorist activity in Nigeria's North-East is far from  over, as orphans, IDPs, Widows, widowers are all trying to gather the pieces of their lives back together.

I recently stumbled upon a Facebook post by a man named Emmanuel Ogebe, and in that post he described how he has been able to help a dozen of girls from Chibok, some of who have been made orphans, no thanks to the stupid action of merciless terrorists in Borno state, Nigeria.

I couldn't help but beg for his permission to reblog this post to inspire each and every one of us to strive to do something that will touch the lives of those around us who are in need. 

Hear Mr Ogebe:
"Some years ago, I met a very courageous pastor who flew from Maiduguri to meet me because it was too dangerous for us to travel there. I marveled at how he could go back there given the risk. He introduced me to a young girl whose dad and kid brother had just been killed weeks before during the Christmas holiday. She was to become the first Chibok girl survivor of Boko Haram I brought to the US. 

A few hours ago, my latest girl survivor of Boko Haram atrocities arrived. She is the daughter of that pastor who himself was killed by the terrorists in front of her.

Taking care of a dozen girls is not easy but I felt strongly that a man who served the numerous orphans of many in Borno state should not be without someone to remember his own kids. 

I tried reaching his family through regular channels but got no response. Finally I remembered that he used to call me from Nigeria just to say 'hi.'

I phoned his number and someone picked up.

I am so delighted that his daughter can come to school in America. If this is the last survivor I bring, I rest fulfilled knowing that someone is smiling in heaven today because of his legacy and the legacy of Christ. From September 2014-September 2015, twelve young ladies have come here - an average of one per month. Join me in praying that they will be successful in their academic quest and will ultimately be transformation agents for someone else some day. God has replaced the one we lost. Glory in the highest!"

(Image Credit: Emmanuel Ogebe)

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