21 June 2013


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HAPPY WORLD MUSIC DAY!!!!! Everyone J. Today is the big one because, music is something everyone can relate to; whether you’re a grandpa sitting in your rocking chair playing some high life music, a teenager jumping to the sound of rock guitars at a rock concert, or even a little baby sleeping on a lullaby tune of ‘twinkle twinkle little star’. Music is a food every soul hungers for.

My guest on the stroll today needs no introduction, whether at home in Nigeria, or in Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, and even at the Apple store in New York City. His ‘soul voice’ blends perfectly with his guitar chords, and he’s not just a star, he’s a 'Super Sun’

I’m sure you already know who I am talking about. . .(hahaha) For World Music Day 2013, I had a Stroll with Bez Idakula and this is what we discussed;

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for speaking with me Bez, It's really a pleasure. Happy World Music Day :)

Bez: And happy World Music Day to you too my friend!

Ebenezar: For many people around the world, when you say Bez, the first thing that comes to mind is that ''stupid song''(your hit single from 2011). That song was my ringtone for a long time and a point my mum had to ask; 'What is this Stupid song sef?'(laughs) I'd like to know about your childhood, apart from singing these cool stupid songs, what other fun things did you do?

Bez: My childhood was really fun. Growing up was like a whole adventure for me. I grew up in Jos into a musical family. We would have bonfires and ‘sing alongs’, barbecues almost every Sunday, volleyball with friends on Tuesdays, and loads more. Sometimes we  could get bored at home and get on the drape, swing on them till they came off and wait for the punishment. It was extra amazing to see your parents go from scolding you to getting out a guitar to practice for a special number in Church the next Sunday.

Ebenezar: Hehehe... That was really fun :) You grew up singing in choirs and playing your dad's guitar. Now let's talk about your parents a bit. Did they really support your music talent? Or were they like typical Nigerian parents; wanting their kid to either be an engineer, doctor or lawyer?

Bez: My parents were a great influence. They always asked what i wanted to be when i grew up. They never argued when i told them something different each time they asked, but i guess something in them found it amusing. After I lost my dad, my mum and I were having a conversation and she went ''You know if you and your sister went into music you would make it?'' but even then I didn't think I wanted to pursue music as a career. When I decided to take it up, she asked if I was sure and I said yes. That was all she needed to give her full support, and she did.
Image Credit: bezworld.com 
Ebenezar: Your debut album ‘Super Sun’ was number 3 on the Boston Globe's top ten world music albums of 2011. You also had numerous nominations at the headies and a lot of good reviews were written about the album too. I guess the question is when should we expect your next album? And should the fans be expecting any surprises?

Bez: I have been working a lot on my next body of work. Recording LIVE with my band members and other amazing musicians in the U.S. has been amazing so far. We have been in studios from New York to Houston, and who knows what other cities we may need to invade to complete it finally. Cobhams Asuquo is my fellow Executive Producer on this, and though we do not have a date for a release, we do have a few surprises and we definitely promise new music this year :)

Ebenezar: I’m sure we’ll all be looking forward to thatJ. Well, today is World Music Day, and we know music can be a tool for development and change. Apart from providing entertainment, do you think musicians of this generation are really using their music to cause positive change in the world?

Bez: I believe a positive change is taking place whether we want it or not. A lot of youths turn to music as a source of income. Right now people are earning from their music and it gives other youths courage, making them believe they can do amazing things for themselves and not just wait around for a job that may never come. I think the positive thing for me is that it makes people realize they can take control of their lives and destinies. And they do.

Ebenezar: Apart from music, what other things are you involved in? Who is
Bez without his guitar and a microphone?

Bez: Well I am involved in advocacy, charity and business. I am partnering with 'Friends Africa' to help spread the word that would eventually eradicate AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Also I'm on the board of the Ovie Brume Foundation, supporting and shaping the futures of underprivileged kids. In whatever you do though, you need to take a business approach to it. That way you can succeed.
Bez and his band performing (credit: bezworld.com 
Ebenezar: Whoa, that’s nice. . . Around the World there are many 'underground artistes’. Young musicians who keep a job just to raise some money to record their song in a makeshift studio somewhere, you know. . . and hope to make it to the limelight someday. What's your advice to them as regards fulfilling their dreams of getting to that big music stage?

Bez: I would say, be sure you really love music and are in it for the passion and not the money. Money will follow eventually. Be sure you have a talent and make sure you build it. Always improve and look to God to give you favour and direction and you will never fail.

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for your time Bez, God bless you. I’d surely be looking forward to the albumJ

Bez: Thanks for having me too.

For more about Bez (@BEZidakula) and to get information about his next gig, visit www.bezworld.com

Just like I said earlier, Music is a food every soul hungers for. So I want to plead with every musician out there, PLEASE, before you pick up a mic or walk into a studio, make sure you have something you really want to say—A message to pass across.
I’m sick and tired of seeing a bunch of half-naked girls shaking their . . .'whatever'. . . in music videos. If you don’t have anything to say through music, Please sing to yourself in the shower! And remain in the shower!!! Please, Thank You.

For now, I’d just get my headset tucked into my ears and play some Jazz music and maybe some “Flight of The Bumblebee” too. Hehehe.. you can join me if you wish. . .

Till my next STROLL, Jesus Loves You.

By: Ebenezar Wikina (@poeticjazz)
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