1 June 2013


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The global day of parents is a day set apart by the United Nations to honour and appreciate parents all over the world for their sacrifices and selfless commitments to their children and the existing relationship between them. It is duly noted by the UN that family is very important and has the primary assignment of protecting and taking care of children. It is also noted that children should grow up in a conducive family environment where love, happiness, understanding and a cordial relationship exists.

Parents are to be appreciated or severely blamed for the state of the lives of their children whatever stage they are in right now. To parents who have taken responsibility, those who have given and are still giving to their children selflessly, who in the face of adversity and great struggles have given more than money can buy...family, you're appreciated.
An address to the children; our parents may not always understand us but they love us nonetheless. They may come off as inconsiderate but they are all we've got for parents and no matter how grown we are, no matter the status we attain in the society...they'll always be our parents. Let us seek to understand them even if they do not understand us, let us respect them even if they're doing their very best to annoy the life out of us. They are all we've got for parents.
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 Parenting a child is very important and while some attempt to give their all to their children, some do not even take responsibility for theirs. You see a man fathering a child but won't take responsibility for that child. You hear of a mother abandoning her own child by the wayside. You sense the hatred between a father and his daughter and note the way a mother shouts her son down... However, you also see a father spending time with his child, answering questions lovingly, you notice a mother taking a walk with her son and conversing about relationships... you also see a family laughing and sharing knowledge.
Family is very important and is the strongest tie the society has. We cannot trade family for anything. To people caring for children in orphanages and their sponsors, you are appreciated and encouraged to do more. You are parents to these ones and your contribution to making the society a better place is noted. We hope for more.
The United States is appreciated for setting this day aside for celebrating parents.  This is an encouragement to parents to never stop the good work they have been doing and for children to appreciate their parents more. Hopefully, this will help change the minds of parents who have abandoned their children and those who are thinking along that line. To parents who have a great relationship with their children, build more on it; go out and spend time together, get to work out your differences...strengthen the tie that family offers. Many blessings on parents and children all around the world, always.

By: Mary  Ajayi (@megadoxa)
6paragraphs for Global Day of Parents 2013
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