25 June 2013


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''Row, row, row your boat gently down the sea, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. . .'' hehehe. You guys remember that nursery rhyme right? Today on the International Observance is, the Day of the Seafarer recognized by the United Nations and the IMO (International Maritime Organization)

It is a day set aside to honour seamen; the captains and the ship crew, the navy and all those that put their lives on the line to transport goods/people by sea from country to country, continent to continent. And they do a lot to help our economy you know?
 But then I think about our seamen here in Nigeria and I really wish we knew more about them and the challenges they are facing. I feel they are often isolated even in the media. We hardly discuss issues concerning them, just recently the US gave Nigeria a 90day ultimatum to secure the ports here otherwise they will withdraw their goods and services. That doesn't sound good, and I hope the person in charge is already doing something about that.
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I can't imagine the dangers our seafarers go through on a daily basis. I even wonder if the Navy is well armed. The Niger Delta militancy issue made us see how porous our security system on water is, we really need to raise the standard. Security should cover land, air and sea. Anything short is a menace!

It's not just the seafarers, we need to also care for our water bodies. Clean up our waterfronts; make it look cool and beautiful like we see in the hollywood movies. If they are smelly and dirty, tourists will never be attracted. We need to stop disposing refuse in these water bodies. Sometime early this year a whale washed ashore and Nigerians went on rampage to cut their lump share for dinner, lunch, name it and you begin to ask is it poverty, or mentality? We are suppose to protect this creature on the verge of extinct, not making pepper soup with it?. . .(hahaha). Well, I'm looking forward to my first boat ride though, I'm sure when that day comes I will take some pictures, and I'd share them with you guys :)

By: Milliscent Maduagwu (@millionscents)
Paragraphs For Day Of The Seafarer 2013
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