10 June 2013


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It was the favourite toy of my childhood--I did'nt like the teddies and action figures very much--Because, somehow it fit into my palm like they were made for each other. I used it to draw shapes I did'nt understand, write on paper and sand, held it in my left palm and my right, it is the first thing I see in the morning and the last thing I see in the night.

It's just like my soulmate. But how can I talk about this pal and not acknowledge its inventors? I'm not too good with history but, I know writing started from cavemen making inscriptions on cave walls and on the bark of trees. Well, somehow Papyrus was discovered in Egypt--talk about civilization starting in Africa:)--which later developed to paper, and then the need for a writing instrument came.

I guess this is where the quill comes in. A feather and the bottle of ink used by people in ancient times to write. we are even made to believe Shakespeare used the quill to write many of his poems . Well I don't konw. . .

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But on June 10, 1943 a patent was filed by the Hungarian brothers Laszlo and George Biro (I guess now you know why many people call a pen, 'biro'). They invented a new writing instrument called the Ballpoint pen. But also note that they were not really the first to file a patent for a writing instrument but their own design was the first one commercially viable.

Bic bought the patent from the Biro brothers in 1955, and that increased the popularity of the ballpoint pen. The Pen had grown since then, in fact right now I have this 10 in 1 pen(A pen that has 10 different colours). I'm sure the Biro brothers never imagined this in 1945.

Unfortunately that growth of the Pen had been surpassed by the growth of technology in the last century. It's now an e-world!! I mean, why write a letter when you can send an e-mail? And just like the quill, the era of the pen is gradually fading out. I can't say for sure that my grandchildren will ever get to see a pen. Because very soon kids will be using laptops, smart notebooks, smart phones, etc. And will not need a backpack for school. But one thing is certain, my pen is still my bestfriend, and I'd save a couple of pens in a box to show my kids just incase technology makes the pen go extinct.

By: Ebenezar Wikina(@Poeticjazz)
6paragraphs For Ballpoint Pen Day 2013
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