26 June 2013


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You know, I just laughed at the title of this little article. It’s funny to me. Yet, this is a vivid description of people who are on drugs or those trafficking it illegally. Let’s take a little imagination tour.

You’re a straight A student, no bad records but you have the misfortune of mixing with the bad guys. Most of your friends make use of one drug or the other. It’s not your fault you say, you’re just a fun loving person who magnetizes ‘cool dudes’…yeah, cool dudes who get high on heroine and hemp. At first, you tell them, ‘drugs are bad for your health’, and they give you a number of ‘valid’ reasons, one of which they say, is inability to comprehend things easily and the need for drugs to help with that. ‘It’s just a little to help, you know’ they tell you. So, one day, your bad luck goes worse. For some reasons unexplainable, your parents who never argue had a fight, and your mum moved out, you had a test the next day and couldn’t study, so you left home too, to crash at your friend’s place and you meet him shooting himself up. He offers, you just don’t care, you accepted…you’re taking the highway to hell already. Few months later, you had fully gate-crashed hell and now a resident.

What’s your own story? A little different from this? Your mum got you addicted. She had problem with nerves and drugs always made her feel better. So, when you started facing challenges as a teen, you tagged them up to ‘nerves’ and did a quick therapy…only it turned out to be long-termed. You got ‘high’ enough that your problems looked like ants and you just stepped over them, thinking you had destroyed them. It was later that you realized you’ve just succeeded in making a mess of ‘the closet’ of your life! You gate-crashed hell sis, and you’re now living in it.
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Okay, for people who do self-medication, and here’s where I’m guilty. See, the thing is, we are all guilty of drug abuse in one way or the other. That little overdose of aspirin,that self –prescription of painkillers all come under drug abuse. I once got inflammation of the eyes because of self-prescription! What about you? Any shots of pain relievers for the ache in your heart because you were jilted? Any drugs to alleviate that pain of your parents filing for divorce? What about you single mom, didn’t you spice your baby’s drink with a single shot to get her to sleep while you got high on cocaine so you don’t get to think about life and your misfortunes? Oh, that lady who is in charge of the kindergarten section, who laces children’s drinks with drugs to ‘relax’ them so as to get them to behave? (Sighs) I could go on and on…

The theme of this year’s awareness is ‘Make health your ‘new high’ in life and not drugs.’ Too many people get on drugs without thinking of the consequences. They only think about the immediate relieve they get and the task at hand and fail to consider the fee they have just paid to travel the highway to hell. They get so ‘high’ the only time they start coming to their senses is when they’re residents already and the demons of their actions are now seriously and mercilessly dealing with them. Okay, someone just said, ‘I’ll get therapy when I discover I’m getting addicted’. You’ll never know when you are sweetie, you’ll be too high on the highway to see the road ahead, and therapy is not as easy as it sounds. Take a tour of psychiatric facilities and get the residents to talk to you if they can.
Drugs are good, when used according to prescription by certified doctors. Don’t even consider auxiliary nurses or doctors. Not everyone who practices medicine knows what they’re doing. Okay, this is long and I’m bored myself.

Summary of all I’ve been rambling about…drugs will never solve challenges and they’ll get you high enough to send you rolling all the way forward toward destruction. If you’re not yet addicted, just stop. If you are, seek help and be determined to help yourself.

Oh…I didn’t talk about drug trafficking. Drug traffickers, most of you don’t even use the drugs you peddle. Stop sending people to hell!

By: Mary Ajayi (@Megadoxa)
Paragraphs For International Day Against Drug Abuse And Illicit Trafficking 2013
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