25 June 2013


"To reach a port we must set sail-- sail, not tie at anchor. Sail, not drift" ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Let me tell you a bit about Mike, In 2007 he sailed across the Atlantic Ocean solo, in 2009 he sailed across the world solo, In 2012 he drove round the world solo, and in 2014 he will be flying across the world solo; making him the first human to circumnavigate the world by air, land, and sea. Awesome right? (haha)

Don’t let these 'superman' achievements deceive you though, he’s just 22. Yeah, you heard me right, Twenty two, and he’s already got all these feathers on his sailors hat. I guess that's why he makes out time from circumnavigating the globe to also speak with other young people and inspire them to also chase their dreams. Well, I had a stroll with Mike—we didn’t stroll round the world though ☺ —But I’m sure you’d get inspired after reading this;

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for speaking with me Mike. Happy Day of the Seafarer  

Mike: You’re welcome.

Ebenezar: Now, Ferdinand Magellan led the first ever circumnavigation expedition in 1522 but since then, many teenagers have taken the steering by its handle and sailed around the world solo too. Zac and you did it 2009, and Laura Dekker completed hers 2012. What do you think is motivating many more young sailors to achieve Circumnavigation?

Mike: I think the motivations are pretty mixed. I've met almost all the young people who have done this trip, and we all did it for different reasons. We all wanted to experience different parts of the world and different environments. I think the motivation secretly lies in proving a point. My hunch is that, deep down, we young people want to prove that any young person can achieve something huge if they really set their mind to it.
Ebenezar: Yeah bro, I agree with you on that one. We can. Talking about being young, was sailing something you dreamt of as a child? Or did you have any other childhood hobby?

Mike: My childhood dreams were always centered around the ocean and the sky. I always dreamt of becoming a pilot one day, I just never had any way to do so up until now. My other hobbies include skiing and mountain biking.
Mike on his sailing-around-the-world expedition
Ebenezar: Awesome ☺, so today is is the ''Day of the Seafarer'' recognized by the UN and IMO. And the theme for 2013 is 'Faces of the Sea', aimed at honouring seafarers and their contribution to humanity, but one main challenge facing Seafarers in recent times is Piracy. What do you think is the solution to the problem of pirates?

Mike: Piracy has always been around, history tells us that quite clearly. Just that, in approximately the last 6 years we have seen a surge in Piracy in very specific parts of the world. There is no single definitive solution. If it were that easy it would already have happened. The industry has been slowly adapting by placing more protection around the ships in these parts of the world and recently the statistics have started falling.

Ebenezar: Wow, this 'piracy thing' is really sad you know?

Mike: Yeah it is, I believe we'll adapt to overcome that menace soon.

Ebenezar: So let's talk about you now, and i really enjoy saying this, In 2007(at 14 years old) you sailed across the Atlantic Ocean solo. In 2009(at 17) you sailed across the world solo! In 2012  you drove round the world solo! In 2014, you'd be attempting to fly around the world solo. Now this already sounds like a superman story from a Comic book

Mike, posing with the car he used for his drive-around-the-world expedition
Mike: (hahaha)

Ebenezar: These are just awesome achievements bro, What has inspired you to keep pushing more?

Mike: It's quite simple, my determination comes from my thirst for adventure. I have to be busy and I have to be working towards a target! I was never brought up to be content with a normal life.

Ebenezar: Wow, that's cool. Regarding the flight in 2014, How far have you gone with preparations? And where and when will you start this expedition?

Mike: Now that the summer has kicked in, I have recently started my pilots training which has been quite exciting. I am loving it because I am learning so much! There is still a huge amount of preparation to do prior to my flight, but with the right attitude and approach to the preparation, I believe it is possible. I plan to set off Midsummer 2014. The Exact date is yet to be decided.

Ebenezar: Okay, apart from the world cup, I’m sure that flight is something everyone will be looking forward to ☺.

Mike: (haha) Yeah, sure.
Ebenezar: You also enjoy talking to young people and encouraging them to live their dreams. What is your advice to teenagers out there who are facing difficult times hindering them from fulfilling their dreams?

Mike: My advice is pretty simple, keep trying, keep pushing and never give up on your dreams. If you have the determination and willpower to succeed, then you will.

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for strolling with me Mikey, I really had fun. Good luck as you prepare to set that awesome record.

Mike: Thank you Ebenezar.
For more about Mike (@mikeperham) visit his website here

Many people predict that World War III will be the fight for ownership of water bodies. Well, I feel there will even be no World War 3, if we all understand the fact that we all came into this world naked and empty, and we'd leave the same way. No earthly possession is worth dying for. Do you understand?

Meanwhile, I salute all the captains out there, Keep up the good work. Shout Out to my soon-to-be-seafarers friends in the Philippines, Augustine, Precious, Tammy, Oge, Nigeria is counting on you, and I'm missing you all☺. 
To the sea pirates, Please, guys, try to get yourselves a real job. Piracy is lame you know?☺
Till my next stroll, Jesus Loves You.

"You walked through the water of the mighty sea, but your footprints were never seen" (Psalm 77v19, CEV) 

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