14 June 2013


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I got a little bit under the weather early this week and I had to visit that place many people dread(apart from Prison that is). . .The Hospital!! Arrrgh! So many people wearing white, looking sad and the thick smell of tablets almost choking the life out of you(Lol). Even though most of the things that happen there are for our own good, It's an obvious sad truth that most of us may never outgrow our childhood resentment for hospitals :)

 Well, I had a check up(something we all should do regularly whether we are sick or not), did some tests, got some pills from the pharmacy and started my 'walk' out of illness. ThankGod it was a short walk though..(hehe). I'm fine again. Yeah, we give thanks to God.

But it's funny how this experience coincides with World Blood Donor Day. Blood; that red precious liquid in our body that keeps us all alive. And today being June 14, the World Health Organization is trying to celebrate Blood donors all over the world, for their selfless contribution to humanity. WHO also tries to discourage the idea of paying money as incentive for blood donation. Now this is where I want to talk a little. . .
Source: who.int

I agree that blood is sacred; and whatever should be done with blood needs to be done with purity of heart. But can you walk to a man who had'nt eaten all day--pushing a wheelbarrow at the market trying to raise ten naira to buy pure water--to donate the few pints of blood he has and go away empty handed??

Now, don't get me wrong. I'd not done any blood donations before, I might try it sometime. But the area I want us to Raise the Standard, is on differentiating between business and selfless sacrifice when it comes to blood donations.

If people donate blood without asking for money, Why do we have to sell this donated blood?? Huh?? Doctors and all those at the blood banks?? My View is; the UN wants people to donate blood freely. well, cool. I respect that! And every other person should. But don't expect that hungry wheelbarrow man to also understand this fact. An incentive could really go a long way to help you know??

By: Milliscent Maduagwu(@millionscents)
Paragraphs For World Blood Donor Day 2013
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