21 June 2013


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It’s 06:15am and I’m writing on music and its influence on the society. I think in this age, and time, music seems to have a great influence on people, both young and old. There are different genres of music; hip-hop, jazz, blues, rock etc. and every individual prefers at least one genre. Personally, I love music a lot and believe it has a soothing effect and healing power, but that’s not the reason I’m so high on it. Music is simply my twin, If I  don’t ‘see’ it in a day…I’m yet to live that day. It’s good to also know that I’m not the only one who loves music but all around the world, there are lovers of music who listen to songs, compose, and even go for concerts!

However, I believe this good thing is already corrupted or at the final stages of being corrupted. We have different musicians with different subject matters. Some deal with love, some sex, women, money, partying, and drugs. We also have some who combine two or three of these. It is my belief that these subjects are woven deeply in the fabric of the society and that a musician simply is a minister, appealing to these things. It is also my belief that his/her approach will influence people in their views and dealings with the above issues

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Being a lover of music, I have heard a wide range of songs, and recently, I have noticed that musicians are focused on the above issues more than ever, especially love, sex, and women and sadly, their approach to these issues is… (Oh, can’t find the word I need) bad for lack of a better word and in a setting where the younger generation (children inclusive) is sold out to music, this is not so good and the future of the society is at stake.

The above opinion is however strictly personal. I wonder if there’s someone who agrees with me. But I’m curious, what is your opinion about the influence of music on the society? What is your take on the approach of musicians to the subject matter of love, sex, money, women and drugs, and do you think these approaches will go a long way in pulling down the existing moral structures in the society or otherwise?

By; Mary Ajayi (@Megadoxa)
Paragraphs For World Music Day 2013
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  1. Most of what they call music these days is a shame. But music can be an instrument of change or evil.

  2. Thank you Kukogho Samson. We sincerely hope that musicians get a change of attitude and start making positive impacts through their songs.