8 June 2013


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For today’s Stroll I will suggest you get sunglasses and a swimwear because, we are heading to the beach.

Yeah!!! You heard me, the beach!!! To catch up with one of the world’s best surfer/extreme water explorer. He holds the world record for the highest wave ever surfed (which is in the Guinness Book of Records) and he started surfing at eleven, which means he has a very deep connection with the seas and Oceans. Considering these, I wonder who is more perfect to stroll with for World Oceans Day 2013.

I was lucky to catch up with Mr. Garrett before he ran for the next gigantic swell. Brace yourself, for this will be a high riding stroll… (smiles) Well, here we go;

Ebenezar: Thank you for making out time to talk with me Mr. Garrett, I'm really honoured. You were born in Massachusetts but your family moved to Hawaii in 1978. Do you think that move is a contributing factor to what you are today in life?? Do you think you'd have grown up to be a water explorer or surfer if your family stayed back in Massachusetts??
Garrett: My life probably would have been very different and I might have never picked up a surf board. When we moved to Hawaii it was what everybody did so it was very natural.

Ebenezar: Okay, I also gathered that you started surfing at 11 with Liam your elder brother—that was quite early you know? --Did you have any other hobbies as a child??

Garrett: Before we moved to Hawaii, I loved skateboarding but ever since I discovered surfing it has been my main focus and my only passion.

Ebenezar: Today is World Ocean's Day, as a Water explorer what advice do you have for the world as regards preservation of the Oceans? Since the theme for this year's celebration is; ''Together we have the power to protect the ocean''

Garrett: Unfortunately there are so many challenging situations that the ocean is facing, the plastic pollution, whaling and shark fining are the most terrible to me. Working on eliminating plastic is something that we can do as individuals that would help save the oceans.
Garrett riding a gigantic swell in January, A swell many people feel is about 100ft high (source: businessinsider.com)

Ebenezar: This might sound like a funny question, but I'm just curious; how do you catch these big waves?? You seem to always be at the right place at the right time; Sometimes I wonder if these waves call you up on your cell phone or something like that(smiles). . .I mean, what's the
secret? Please let me in

Garrett: LOL (laughs)… I wish they gave me a call. It takes a lot of research and I check all the waves around the world at least once a day. I rely on the scientific buoys to let me know what’s going on everywhere. Back in the day it was impossible to know unless you were there to physically check it.
Ebenezar: Oh! Okay.. Science is the secret. That’s great… Well in January you rode what many people are estimating as a 100ft (30m) high wave off the coast of Nazarè, Portugal. Many people are already suggesting that you've broken your own world record. What do you have to say about that?

Garrett: I just surf because it’s what I live for, it’s my passion. I am just excited about my next surf session.

Ebenezar: Last November you got married to Nicole. . .Congratulations about that. From what I gathered, she teaches environmental sciences. What's her take on you running around the world catching these big waves? Doesn’t she think it's risky? And now you're married will you
reduce how extreme you go with surfing and water exploration? :)

Garrett: She supports me 100% in everything I do. She loves to travel so it’s a perfect combination and she also helps with the water safety during big swells. She is my angel and is what keeps me safe.

Ebenezar: Awwwww.. That’s so nice.. Thank you so much for talking with me Mr. Garrett

Garrett: You’re welcome. Thank you too.
For more about Mr Garrett (@GMACHawaii) visit www.garrettmcnamara.com
"Together, we can protect the Oceans" It's not a job for some called out environmental activist.
The little trash you drop in the drainage will eventually block somewhere that will kill something... Ocean protection starts from these litlle habits--Remember, It's our collective responsibility!!!! Happy World Oceans Day!!!!
Till my next Stroll. . . Be good, Jesus Loves You.

 By: Ebenezar Wikina (@Poeticjazz)
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  1. Yup! I don't have to be at the ocean before i can protect it. Taking good care of my drainage which connects to a stream, the stream to a river, the river to a sea and the sea to an ocean will do lotta good.

    What a good wife he's got there. Wives should learn to support their husbands in things they're passionate about.

    Goodluck Mr. Garrett McNamara on your next surf session!!!