21 March 2014

NIGERIA and Border Lines of Change (#2 of Co-authored poems for World Poetry Day)


Sited at the confluence of Lokoja

With her legs spread across Niger and Benue rivers

Adorned with lush greens and blessed with natural endowments

You swam through colonial rivers

Until the staff of freedom you possessed

Nigeria of great warriors

The strength of Africa

With talented and industrious people

Rich in culture

And united in their diversities

Let me sing of your resilient strength, Nigeria!

Songs of how you never bowed or cowed

To war, tyranny and greed... Peace, you avowed

Let tales be told of your mighty men and heroes

Your own seeds who stood, withstanding your every foe

Let me dance to the songs of your numerous off-springs

Multitude of tongues, cloven in one accord, sing

Then I again dance, beholding thy glorious future

Birth pains and darkness might besiege thee now

Light and life will rise from thy bosom and blossom

I see you standing on the altar of unity

With roots stretching through WaZoBia et al

We are the future beaded around your robust waist

Where ageless drums of Batá echoes hope

Above the rich pastures stood your eagle

Still it stands. Flapping through North, south, west and east

Rest is in the arms of your sweet heritage

Like the Alasho and Abeti aja speak with a voice

Your soil is homely; I have eaten Banga with my white friend

He loves nothing else but made in Nigeria

Meaning of italicized words
*Abeti aja: A traditional Yoruba cap which, by virtue of its triangular flaps, is humorously named after large dog ears.

*Alasho: A veil or turban won by the Hausa people of Northern Nigeria

*Banga: A soup native to the Niger Delta and the South Eastern parts of Nigeria.

*Batá: A traditional drum from the land of Yoruba, located in Nigeria. Its popular functions are entertainment and to convey messages.

*WaZoBia: An acronym for the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Each meaning 'come'.

CO-AUTHORS from WRR College of Poetry
This poem was co-authored by Albert Seraphin, Owoicho Apochi Nelson, Showunmi Olawale Michael and Uncommon Solutionist.

Image Credit: productiveleaders


If our hearts be deluged

With life's lather of love

And thorny torturous thoughts

Flame up in fiery fires of friendship

When human hues paint humility

Like a rainbow sleeping in the fields

Then would guns hide their faces

And bullets be victims of still birth?

Alas! Peace peeps from curtains of war

Savouring stews seasoned with smiles

When our speeches birth praises

That fit healthy strides

In thoughts of man's attention

Singing development, instead of rancour

Where air is for

One and all, without fear or threat

Bridging vast influence and unity

That erase segregation

Then encouragement will soar

And Life would celebrate

When we paint words

In the face of the night

And touch the sun

With the grip of our pens

When we win weaklings with

Softness from our words

Then will Nature be a better man

Singing everyday

As he watches enemies dine together

At the war fronts, with smiles intimidating the sun

So let us run toward the cradle

To make the grave sure when it lies in its prime

For the gravel of the soul is tied to the wits of the cradle

Let us find a reason to embrace the cradle

Sitting close to its tent to tend

To the ribbons that is used to form its soul

For the soul that lies therein is but a plain sheet

We owe it the sacredness of all duties

To paint it right

This is the border line of change!

CO-AUTHORS from WRR College of Poetry
This poem was co-authored by Kunle Omope, Kemjy Xtien, Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau and Anakani Godswill Odatuwa.

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