21 March 2014

POETRY (#1 Co-authored poems for World Poetry Day)

on a page
slithers with ease
on a smooth surface
Paper and pen in sync
executing perfect twists
Making this turn, and then that one
bearing message for all and sundry
wielding words on an errand, poetry!

Toddling voice sweep through the hurricane
In society of shut-eyes drowned in gradual spate
Witness of swift, shivering waves toss to and fro
Feet slack in mud of doubtful faith row
Tempests, shadows, frailties, all lost in hopeless souls
Life wounds quickly heal
The dumb now sings
Street now palace
Abandoned have fame harassed
Oppression in pockets of the weak
When ink flows in a non-stop streak

Like a tree with many branches
You touch men with your verses
To some, it's pure lashes
Others receive and change their courses
...You are poetry
the voice crying from the wilderness

Like the river with more than one wing
You flow into the heart of every being
To some, you're fresh like the morning spring
Others hear but refuse to go with what you bring
...You are poetry,
the voice crying from the wilderness

'Tis virgin wine. Wash your throat with little sips
Let it lull your mind to a lucid sleep
Lie down on this slate. My words paint lurid dreams
Let our minds hug in this word-filled realm
Where creative words take form is where you lie
At the soul of craft and every riddle
On this plain is where love lives and dies
In here, fantasy grows real and fickle
To the lonely soul, 'tis a friend so longed
Its poetry, the soul of the sweetest song
the first stanza of ten lines  

CO-AUTHORS from WRR College of Poetry
This poem was co-authored by Sam de Poet, Emmanuel Emperortee Theophilus, Oku-Ola Paul Abiola and Modestus Nkem Okennwa)

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