23 April 2013


Merit Gogo-fynface is the author of 'Shores of Despair'-- Her debut book--that is generating a lot of comments and raising eyebrows in and out of Nigeria. I was able to steal her from her studies to have this stroll with me :) . . . here is what we discussed;

Ebenezar: It is really an honour to have this stroll with you, I've been itching to ask, what inspired Shores of Despair?

Merit: My pleasure. The inspiration for Shores of Despair was mainly the need to change conventional preconceptions about the outrageous emphasis on the 'extreme comfort' associated with the affluent class - Apparently a lot of people think those in high class families are extremely comfortable, without challenges but on a closer scrutiny, this is not the case because most of them have severe challenges... This fact is glaring when one takes a detailed look at the life of Vanessa Alabo, the heroine. Most people also engage in a lot of immoral acts with the irrational excuse of poverty - eventually turning a new leaf does not automatically quell the consequences of those prior immoral acts. These are the foundations upon which every line of Shores of Despair was built... Oh yes, as a passionate writer I yearned to be read.

 Ebenezar: What was growing up like? Did you have so many books around you? And did ever imagine that you will have a book?

Merit: Growing up in a family like mine was a wonderful experience. Sincerely my parents are one of the most amazing worldwide... (laughs). They emphasized morality and diligence, these vital virtues formed me. My siblings also have been very supportive. From persuasively compelling each of them to read my write ups, they unconsciously developed a natural desire for my works. I LOVE BOOKS, I had a handful. I also took the pleasure of tasking myself to read most of my Fathers books during the holiday. I always wanted to be read, every fictive work I read propelled me more

Ebenezar: 'Shores of despair' is really great. its just 1 year old, and it's generating a lot of media attention already. is there a second book coming anytime soon? And do you write any other genre of Literature?Like Poetry or drama?

Merit: oh, thanks a lot. It's been Gods unfailing grace. At the moment I'm trying to focus on school work, 'law is really demanding'. I will definitely love to verbally share experiences over and over.

Ebenezar: Do you have any writing mentors? And who is your favourite author?

Merit: Yes, I do. I'm so in love with the works of most African writers especially Buchi Emecheta's. I'm a big fan of Philip Margolin.

Ebenezar: Today is World Book day, What advice do you have to Young writers out there trying to get published? And do you think our reading Culture is still alive?

Merit: I trust God for every word I put down and I must say, Perseverance is essential.

Ebenezar: You have a good dress sense, do you think you will take it seriously?

Merit: Yes, I also love singing. Thanks, that is God smiling on me again. Ladies should always look good - one of the things that make us women. I think glamour is inspiring. . .

Ebenezar: Thank you very much, for talking to me, Thank you for signing my copy of 'Shores of Despair' too.. Hope to catch up with you sometime soon and we are really anticipating your next book.

Merit: (laughs. . .) I'm really honoured.


To find out more about the author and 'Shores of despair', you can like the book on facebook; www.facebook.com/shoresofdespair or follow the book on twitter; @shoresofdespair

By: Ebenezar Wikina
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