19 August 2013

A STROLL WITH IAN KOMAC (For World Photography Day)

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce” ~Karl Lagerfeld

Image Credit: Ian Komac
To achieve big things in life we need to keep our eyes on the big picture. I admire photographers a lot because they are experts in the art of making these big pictures. With a trained eye and simple click they reveal the beauty that lies in and around us.

Ian, my guest on the stroll today is a unique photographer with a unique photography technique. He makes pictures that mimic dreams; capturing moments from the subconscious and making them real and alive.

We talked about Belgium, his photography technique, his dream tourism destinations and much more. Here is my stroll with Ian, lights, camera, action:

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for having this stroll with me bro, it’s great having you on the show.

Ian: Hi, it's my pleasure to join.

Image Credit: Ian Komac
Ebenezar: Just like we know, today is World Photography day and different photographers have different definitions for the word 'photography'. What is your own definition?

Ian: For me, photography is a way to capture scenes with a camera. As simple as that. Even if it's highly edited work, manipulations, etc. You're still capturing the different elements with your camera. People should be more liberal with photography in general; freedom is a key element in creating innovative art.

Image Credit: Ian Komac
Ebenezar: Okay, i'd like to know how your 'romance' with photography started (haha) what made you pick up a camera? And why have you chosen to be a photographer?

Ian: in the summer of 2009 I bought a small compact camera and from that time on, I’ve been interested in making photographs. First I shot stupid things like tomatoes in the garden, but obviously I've evolved into a different style now.

Ebenezar: I've seen a couple of your snapshots online and I noticed there's something special about your style of photography... It's somehow dreamy. It's almost like you snap dreams and bring them to life. How did you develop this style?

Ian: Photoshop was one of my main tools from the start. Even with my compact camera I tried doing small manipulations and most of the time it looked bad. During that time of trial and error I learned a lot of techniques. Now I'm a little more experienced and I try to tell some kind of story in every photo. Inspired by the little things in life, stories and photographs just come up to me. Once I get an idea in my mind I can't let it go.

Image Credit: Luke Mcgregor
Ebenezar: One of my favourite photographs of all time is a picture taken by Luke Mcgregor during last year's Olympics  It had the moon perfectly intersecting the Olympic rings, i mean--I just can't explain it--it's just Genius! Do you have favourite snapshots as well?

Ian: I don't really have one photograph I love most. There are so many styles and I really don't want to put myself through the process of picking one. But I do have certain photographers I look up to so much like Brooke Shaden, Samuel Bradley, Annie Leibovitz, Laurent Chehere and many others.

Ebenezar: Let's talk a bit about Belgium. Unlike a couple of other European countries that have been in the news lately because of the Eurozone crisis and the likes, Belgium is more like a reserved and quiet country. For people that don't know much, can you tell us a bit about Belgium?

Ian: Belgium is a small country in the heart of Europe with Brussels being the capital city of Europe. It might not sound like the best traveling country but it's really worth visiting. Cities like Bruges, Ghent are beautiful and dreamlike. It won't take you a long time to see a huge part of Belgium since a three hour car drive will take you from the lost Southern spot to the coast on in the North. Of course I can't forget to mention our chocolate, beer and French fries—which aren't really french actually—hehehe

Image Credit: maps.com
Ebenezar: What is the 'big picture' for you? (haha) What are those things you'd love to achieve before your old age?

Ian: the first things I want to achieve is getting a masters degree in some kind of economic studies, I'm still unsure about what exactly. In between my bachelor and my masters studies I want to go to London for a few years and get more experienced in photography. The big picture, I haven't figured that out yet. I'm just going to have it come to me and live the life that I get.

Image Credit: Ian Komac
Ebenezar: Personally I don't like taking pictures of myself because I feel I'm not really photogenic, but I know a couple of people that never look bad in pictures; every smile and every gesture they do it's perfect... I can’t seem to understand, is it that some people are born to be photogenic? Or anybody can make a great picture...

Ian: There is definitely a difference between people who are photogenic and people who are not. Personally I don't think I'm a photogenic person, but self portraits are the only option when you want to take portraits but have nobody to model for you. In my personal taste, the people that look good on camera have well defined features. They catch the light in a way that not many people do. With the right photographer everyone can look his best in a photograph, but not everyone is naturally photogenic.

Ebenezar: Okay, finally... I know apart from photography you also love travelling. Do you have any dream tourist destination? If you come to Nigeria, I could show you around you know? (haha)

Ian: I've always wanted to visit Peru. A road trip there seems like the most amazing experience you can get. Visiting Machu Picchu is one of my dreams. The city I lost my heart in is London. I don't know why but there is something about the atmosphere. 

Image Credit: Ian Komac
Ebenezar: yeah, London is really beautiful... and Nigeria is too. I hope you change your mind and decide to visit us soon. (Haha) Thank you so much for your time Ian, it has been a great experience strolling with you.

Ian: The pleasure was mine!

Ebenezar: I hope we get to meet again sometime to take a photograph together :)

Ian: hehe... sure!

For more about Ian (@IanKomac) and to view his photo gallery, click here or like Ian Komac Photography on facebook

Despite global warming and the nasty effect it has had on our planet, you’d agree with me that the earth—our home—is a really beautiful place, and photographers help us see this beauty a great deal with the amazing pictures of the earth they take. I just watch in awe as the stars beautify the sky at night; as the waves crash the shore; as water gushes out of the Niagra; and as the sun sets every evening—pure beauty I must say. It just tells you how beautiful God is, and the

We need to learn how to make out time from our everyday hustle and bustle to admire the world, and even more importantly, admire the maker of the universe. Everything he made is good, and so are you! When you understand this fact, no one will ever make you feel ugly without your consent.

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the big picture. Till my next stroll; Jesus Loves You

Ebenezar Wikina (@poeticjazz)

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