9 August 2013


Guest Writer: Annah Dornubari

Image Credit: UNEP

Women weeping and wailing 
Hearts pounding and pounding
Boots worry the weary feet to flee
Then suddenly 
And so soberly suddenly 
Your offsprings are sliced, slain and slaughtered 
Still some sawn asunder 
Your once bright streams 

Blurred by your black blood

Don't ask if I know, Ogoni 
I know how you feel being whipped
For I've been whipped by my mother
I wept and limped with fear of murder
If songs will the burden, sing Ogoni
If tears will ease the pain, Ogoni, cry
On this lonely night
When I'm alone at home With a dull kerosene lamp
And a bunch of firewood
Weary of waiting for use
Frogs snoring like noisy neighbours
Droplets of rain seeping through
Every pore of my thatched roof
I hear the strokes deep in my ears
I feel the lashes
Tearing your back ahhh.....
Tormenting my heart

Image Credit: sweetcrudereports

I'm full of pity for your plight
A brave man I must prove myself
But no!
Just when emotions began forming erosion
My mind started poring and poring
The tears...... .
Pouring and pouring.

(Culled From 'TEARS FOR OGONI' Page 22 & 23)


Annah Dornubari(The Choice Poet) is a spoken word artist and multiple prize winner at the ANA Lagos Poetry Festival. He's the author of the poetry collection 'Tears For Ogoni' and has a yet to be published collection of short stories. He's also the host of the radio show, 'Stories On Breakfast Table' that has gotten the whole Niger Delta addicted to short stories.

Annah strongly believes in the rise of the Ogoni people in every sphere of life. Working hand in hand with other Ogoni writers, Annah organizes 'From Page To Stage' an annual event that holds every November 10th; organized to remember and honour Kenule Saro Wiwa and other Ogoni hereos that have fought for the liberation of the Ogoni people--This event is the first of its kind to be organized by the Ogoni people worldwide. you can hook up with Annah on facebook here.

Paragraphs For International Day of The World's Indigenous People 2013
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  1. My heart goes out to the Ogoni people, and all other peoples living near oil exploration fields. You need to see for yourself how dangerous this oil it.

    The people are chased of their land, denied the proceeds of the desecration of what is theirs.

    Its a shame.