30 July 2013

A STROLL WITH HOSEA DEZIAH ISAAC (For International Day Of Friendship)

       “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” ~JesusChrist

Image Credit: Hosea Deziah Isaac
Many people have different definitions for the word ‘friend’; Mark Zuckerberg will tell you a friend is someone that sends you a request on Facebook, Abraham Lincoln will say a friend is someone that gives you a book to read that you haven’t read before. Ask that regular guy on the street and he’d tell you that a friend in need is a friend indeed…well, for me that word friend can be defined in three simple words; Hosea Deziah Isaac.

Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve got a long list of friends and acquaintances from around the world. In fact strolling had even increased that list a great deal, as many of my stroll contacts have automatically become my friends, but I’m shinning light on my relationship with Hosea because of the special impact it has had on my life for the time we’ve been friends—that doesn't mean my other friends haven’t had a special effect on my life though, a lot of people have J hehe.

I guess you might be asking what your business is with my friends…well, today is International Day Of Friendship and the United Nations wants us to shine the light on friends and friendship all around the world to foster peace. I hope after reading this stroll you’d be inspired to celebrate those special people in your life too. Here’s my stroll with Hosea:

Ebenezar: Hey bro, thank you so much for having this stroll with me I promise I'd do my best to be formal and not use our usual slangs, so that the rest of the world will understand (hahaha)
Hosea: (smiling) Yeah, it’s an honor to be interviewed by you my great and bosom twin brother I never had.
Ebenezar: I’ve been sampling opinions from around the world, and I’ve been getting different answers…I’d like to know, What is your own definition of the word ‘Friend’?
Hosea: For me a friend is simply one that is able to accept me for who I am & help me become what God has destined me to be 

Image Credit: Hosea Deziah Isaac
Ebenezar: One thing I brag about is the fact that we've been friends for 11years yet we've not had any heated argument or fight all the way…No bragging, but I think we are more like the modern day Jonathan & David! (hahah)...What do you think is the secret ingredient for a great friendship?
Hosea: Whao! How time flies 11years? ... I haven't thought of that before you know? hahaha… I think the ingredient for a successful friendship is simply "acceptance". If you can accept my strengths, weaknesses, etc. Then you will be able to help me grow, and it’s in acceptance that we get to agree and walk together

Ebenezar: By the special grace of God, you're graduating really soon, and you studied a course many students in Nigeria consider as suicide; Maths and Statistics. What do you think about this course? Is it really suicide? Haha…
Hosea: Hahaha… Well, for me it’s basically by the grace of God. Because these days it’s not really about one's strength and efforts; although I think one's interest matters a lot. You've got to like what u do or find a way to like it, if you didn’t like it at first.
Image Credit: deposit photos
Ebenezar: Okay, I’m glad to know it’s not suicide. hahaha… Many people around the world have not heard you play the guitar before, and so they might not understand what I mean when I say you're 'eeeevil on the strings' (laughs) I'm sure the world will hear from you very soon, but I'd like to know, what do you intend to achieve with your guitar?
Hosea: (Laughing) please oh, I’m not evil oh hahha. I can just do one or two things on the strings (na God dey help us).

Ebenezar: Aha… You’re doing that modesty thing again… (frowns)
Hosea: hahaha... Anyway, I've submitted myself & everything i've got—including music generally, not just my Guitar—to God, so whatever He decides to do with me, so be it!
Ebenezar: Should we be expecting that album anytime soon?
Hosea: Yes o! By God's grace really soon.
Ebenezar: There’s something exciting about you; you were born in the north, you grew up in the south--that's where we met--you're schooling in the west, and like we always say when we're playing around; you'd possibly do your youth service in the east(hahahaha) what do you have to say about these beautiful regions of Nigeria?
Hosea: Definitely they are wonderful places; with their advantages and disadvantages. They are also very unique in their own ways too I must say. But I can say that all the places I’ve stayed have had a positive impact on me. I look forward to going to more places
Ebenezar: Yeah… Nigeria has so many beautiful places. What is your definition of success in life?
Hosea: Success for me is knowing God for yourself, knowing yourself in God (your purpose and destiny) and walking with God to fulfill that purpose till your dying day.
Ebenezar: Omoh! Thank you so much for strolling with me like always. Love you bro! See you at the graduation party. Omoh! Cook rice oh…
Hosea: Yeah ... Thank you too. It’s been wonderful strolling with you, and there will be plenty food during the graduation party, not just rice. (hahaha) Keep fulfilling purpose bro.
Too contact Hosea, you can hook up with him on facebook :) but please don't steal my friend from me...hahaha.

I’m not going to fall into the temptation of sending a shout-out to any of my friends because I’ve got so many special people in my life and the list is endless, but everyone who knows me personally will confess that apart from Hosea, my other soul mate is my mum J. My mum and I are closer than a magnetic field between two unlike poles. Mrs. Rose Wikina has really been an inspiration and support to me! I really love her, and I pray God keeps her for me.

Many people around the world claim they don’t have friends because of issues relating to trust and heart break from previous relationships, but I know a friend who you can trust, and can help you heal from those heartbreaks. His name is Jesus Christ, and he saves!!

Recently I saw an inscription on Lil Wayne’s shirt that reads; ‘’Jesus Saves… I spend’’ and though I’m a fan of puns and figurative expressions, I really didn’t find it funny. My advice to Lil Wayne and the rest of them who are wearing those T-shirts is to read what they have inscribed on their shirts again, and see the deep meaning in it. The truth is that Jesus really saves—saves from sin, sorrow, and troubles—and if you refuse to be SAVED the only thing you’d be SPENDING is your life in HELL J
Don’t forget to celebrate those special people in your life. Till my next Stroll, Jesus Loves You.

By: Ebenezar Wikina (@poeticjazz)
All Rights Reserved

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