20 April 2013




Apart from Jerusalem, the Amazon forest,and the Luminous lagoon in Jamaica--that glows in the Night--My next big tourism destination outside Nigeria is Silicon Valley. For me, it's the entrepreneurship capital of the world. With so many billionaire businesses and world class entrepreneurs clustered in one area--the biggest cluster of entrepreneurs you'd find in the world.

But when you hear the word entrepreneur, what comes to your mind? A man who is his own boss right?--this is the one many of us like(we want to be our own boss)--or a man, who can decide to wakeup anytime he wishes, employ anyone he likes, sack anyone he dislikes, runs a particular business and just enjoys freedom.

To some extent this might be part of entrepreneurship. But it's not the right view of entrepreneurship. All the definitions of entrepreneurship from Nobel winning economists have one key element; ''Problem Solving''. And this is where we miss point, entrepreneurship is'nt about amassing fortune, its about solving problems for people. The fortune is something that comes as a result of the problem you solve. Its not the main goal of entrepreneurship.

This the Problem we(Nigerians) are yet to understand,that is why we'd remain a developing country. Developed countries make solutions while developing countries make problems and consume the solutions provided by developed countries.

Mark Zuckerberg created facebook not because he wanted a few more bucks in his pocket but because he wanted people to communicate easily over the web. Ford made the car for people to move from one point to the other. Sam walton(founder of Walmart) only wanted to make groceries cheaper. They all had one thing in common they wanted to solve a problem! Someone said we've been making garri by hand using a spatula(garri turner) for decades now. Yet our universities roll out thousands of engineering graduates annualy. where's creativity? Where's that 'idea culture'? Nobody wants to dare, nobody wants to take risks.

If Mark Zuckerberg didnt take the risk, and graduated expecting the Government to to pay him because there are no jobs. Do you think there will be 'profile pictures', 'status updates', and 'Likes' today? Offcourse No!! It even gets worse when a person who claims to be educated goes to carry arms, because he/she feels that's the last resort. That's illiterate thinking if you ask me. Just to paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, i think what we should be asking ourselves daily is not what the World can do for us, but rather what Problem we can solve for the world.

#Wikina Ebenezar--6paragraphs for UN

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