8 March 2013



Take a look at these newspaper headlines; ''40year Old man rapes 5year old girl to death'', ''Over 5000 Women raped in Post election violence'', ''Medical Student Raped and beaten on a commercial bus'...',''Girl raped while Visiting Social media friend'',it just goes on and on. When will all this stop? Sometimes the Violence committed against women make me really wonder if we are truly in the 'Jet Age' or maybe we are just in a glorified Stone age.

Because its only in the stone age that a father will want only his male children to be educated, because to him the best a female child can be is a housewife--Infact recent statistics show that over 30million females are still uneducated around the world--its only in the stone age,that they try to circumcise a woman using unsterilised cutting instruments,because they stupidly feel it'd help her to have an easy childbirth and even when they see that many women have died due to bleeding,they still go on with it. What about the way we treat widows? Making them drink their dead husband's bathing water and shaving all the hair on her head. . .what is that?? And you say we are civilised?

This year's theme is; ''A promise is a Promise--time for action to end violence against Women''. I think the time is now,it'd interest you to know that out of 8 millenium development goals,2 goals that is;Goal 3--Promoting Gender equality and empowering women,and Goal 5--Improving maternal health--are realated to women. But how much have we achieved considering the 2015 deadline??

The latest Forbes magazine showing the ranking of World Billionaires revealed there are more female billionaires in the world than ever before--138 to be precise. And out of over 195 countries in the world, there are only 17 countries with female leaders. Not encouraging i guess.although we've made a whole lot of progress comparing with the time the march for gender equality started on the streets of New york in 1908.

But the level we are is still not good enough. It is time for some real action. The change really begins in the mind. What do you see a woman as?? A Washing machine? A cooking machine? Sex toy? Punching bag? Baby factory? I believe if every man treats every other woman the same way he treats his mother and sister; the world will really be a better place.Think about it. . .

#Wikina Ebenezar--6 paragraphs for UN

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