1 October 2015


By ThankGod Okorisha

After carefully making my research about the colour Green, I write this article with conviction that my country Nigeria is blessed. One of the colours of the Nigerian flag is Green, you will agree with me after reading this article that Nigeria as a nation is blessed to have Green as one of its national colours. Listen, Read and Watch as Colour Green takes you into his world and tells you why he is the best colour amongst other colours.

I am Green, I am a unique colour that symbolizes life and movement, I am attractive, I am fresh, positive, and full of life. I am an epitome of fruitfulness. I AM GREEN.

I am so unique and important that even the traffic light and its users understand and recognize my colour; until I show my colour Green there is usually no movement, now that is the power of Green. I speak of movement advancement and increase. I AM GREEN.

Before you consume most of your fruits, leaves and vegetables you have to wait for it to turn Green to show it’s ripe and ready for consumption. Isn't it? Yes of course! That is the power of Green, I speak of productivity and readiness. I AM GREEN.

Football is one of the most celebrated sports in the world, football has also been dubbed as one of the sports that unites people from different race, religion and tribe... Now have you wondered why amongst the numerous colours we have in existence, Green is the colour that every field/pitch must use to have an effective football game. I speak of Peace and Unity. Can't you just see how significant I am? I AM GREEN.

The trees and leaves are Green, life itself is Green. Any life that is not fruitful is as good as dead. I AM GREEN, I speak of life, I express life, I show life. Green is life. I AM GREEN.

Nigerians! We are blessed, We're a unique people, a royal nation, we're such a Green nation, rich in natural resources, blessed with diverse natural green foods.

As a Green Nation our lives are meant to be fruitful, productive, fresh, attractive and full of life. We are meant to be trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord that He may be glorified in our lives as a nation.

Let's embrace peace and unity as a Green Nation, remember Green speaks of unity. Let's join forces together and build a Greener Nation for the next generation.

As a Green Nation, we are supposed to proclaim our Greenness in what we produce not bitterness, strive and anger for one another, rather expressing peace, love, joy and kindness to everyone no matter their tribe or background.

The land is Green, the fields are Green, the leaves are also Green.

Mind you, all of these plants are not standing alone, they are all connected to a source; deep down in their root.

So if we must remain Green as a nation, if we want to stay fruitful and productive, we must be connected to our source, and that source is God. We must be rooted in Him because He alone can keep us Green. We need God Nigerians; let's all embrace Him now and remain Green forever.


God Bless you all, God bless The Federal Republic of Nigeria.


(Image Credit: turbosquid, techloy)

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