21 November 2013

TRENDING TECHNOLOGY (For World Television Day)

Guest Writer: Oluwafemi Ogunjobi
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Growing up, as a first child born into a semi-literate, and an average-income family, I filled my years with activities that rarely make meaning to some. After school hours, at around 3p.m, when I'm done with the house chores and school assignments, I'd vacate the house to watch television at the ''Area's rich man's'' house. Not that we were poor, or we did not have electronic gadgets, I only queue at the Old Man's place to watch some interesting programmes that our own 'local antenna' won't pick. I was fascinated by the coloured-screened digital set, nothing like our 'black and white' gadget, and also enjoy such programmes when there is power outage, programmes I will definitely miss if I don't go to the rich man's residence to see them. My father returns at night to power our gadgets with his car battery while the Area's rich man powers his house with generator when there is power outage. This endeared me to visit his place the more. Luck however shone on my family one day when my father got 'all new' electronic gadgets, including a generator. We all were very happy at the new phase of life. I remember how my mother brought the good news to me at the rich man's house, where I was busy in front of the TV. And that was when I stopped being pests at other people's electronic gadgets. What have I been saying? To me, I agree with Helen Fisher who said: 'Television is like a global campfire, we shield around it and it shapes our mind'.

The world today is controlled by advancements in technology. We live in a society that depends on Information technology and communications to perform its daily activities, including work, entertainment, education, health care, personal relationship, travel and many other pursuits; television is one technological invention that shapes and influences our lives. It educates, informs, entertains, instructs and influences us in so many ways. Television has been acknowledged as a major tool in informing, channeling and affecting public opinion. Its presence and impact in world politics can not be denied; it is one of the most influential forms of media for communication and information dissemination and used to broadcast freedom of expressions and to increase cultural diversity.
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United Nations Secretary General, Ban-ki Moon says in a digital age, 'Television remains the most trusted and popular medium for news, culture, sports and entertainment. It helps bring the world to people's lives and living rooms. Through quality programming, television sheds light on global issues and opens windows of understanding on the struggles and hopes of communities and families everywhere'.

The Television set has become commonplace in homes, businesses and institutions, particularly as a vehicle for advertising, a source of entertainment, and news. Since the 1950s, the television has been the medium for molding public opinion and from the 1970s, the availability of video cassettes, laserdiscs, DVDs and now Blu-ray discs have resulted in television set frequently being used for viewing recorded, as well as broadcast materials. In recent years, internet television has seen rise of television available via the internet.
This day isn't for the rich ones, but for all who recognise the essence of media in Nations' colonial and political history. Political office holders have the best of campaign through the television. The television set affects the dimensions of governance. Educational and Religious institutions recruit members through the television. This shows the extent to which the media has gripped us all in its arms to 'do and undo'; to effect change, affect lives and fulfill purpose. But, I ask you now, when was the last time you watched the TV?

Oluwafemi Ogunjobi is a young purpose-driven Nigerian and campus correspondent for The Nation Newspaper, a freelance Writer, Youths development advocate, and a final year student of Language Arts at Obafemi Awolowo University. Connect with him here.

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