19 November 2013

REMEMBER US (Action Plan For International Journalists' Remembrance Day)

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Journalists are the fourth estate of the society. This fourth estate defends the cause of truth, freedom and justice and the men and women who make it up, are fearless people who challenge the polity and dimensions of governance with their Pen. Needless to say, some of these ones have lost their lives in the cause of defending truth, freedom and justice and striving to create necessary changes in necessary places. On a day like this, we're hopeful that their spirits are still with us in  Press rooms all over the world and on the field, even as we carry on the cause for which they died for, building on their legacies and seeking the permanent establishment of truth, freedom and justice. We call on you to act in the commemoration of this day and those great ones we hold dear in fighting this cause.  
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These are some of the steps you can take in honour of this observance and journalists across borders, both dead and alive.

A CONSTANT RESPECT: - A minute silence should be observed for the slain comrades.

REFLECTION: It's time to reflect on truth, freedom, and justice. What are you willing to give in the cause for true freedom? How do you ensure justice is done, first in domestic matters, before national or international?
Are you a journalist? Is your ink still flowing, bleeding on the pages of history as freedom and truth are scripted?

GIVE A GIFT: Pay tributes to at least, a journalist around you in form of gifts (Cameras, pens, recorders, journals etc.). This is to show appreciation for  their work so far and encourage them to do more. If you cannot afford any of these, a text message or call will be great.

WRITE A NOTE: Scribble pleasant words, (preferably, in a journal) which you'll remember in honour of this observance and these countrymen. It could be your own determination points to  uphold truth, freedom and justice in your society, or quotes from journalists who inspire you.

PRAY: It is true that God will not do for man what he can do for himself but man must acknowledge the place of the divine if his actions will yield not only positive but inspiring and change-birthing  revival. We all strive for change in our environments; we want things to be better in all areas. Journalists strive for this too. Therefore, pray for yourself to give your own quota to developmental change amongst others and for journalists all over the world to uphold the oath of truth, freedom and justice and to never sell their voices, whatever the cost.

May peace, justice, freedom in its true sense, and truth prevail. now and always. Have fun as you act!

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