27 September 2013


“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world” ~Gustave Flaubert

(Image Credit: Michael Becerra)
There’s something about tourists that sets them apart from other people, and that is the ability to see beauty and enjoy the variety of the world—the spice of life.
One person that has really enjoyed this spice is Mr. Michael Becerra; a mass communication graduate of the University of South Florida. With his pen, camera, and social media accounts, Mike shares his passion for meeting new people in new places and building relationships around the world. He has traveled the entire United States, Central America, and South America, and he’s still on the road.
We discussed his love for travelling, his favorite tourist destinations, and how we can protect different UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Here’s my stroll with Mr. Michael, you can pack your bags and join us;

Ebenezar: Hello Michael thanks a lot for having this stroll with me.

Michael: It is my pleasure. Thank you for having me.

Snapshot of Puerto Rico
(Image Credit: Michael Becerra)
Ebenezar: How old where you when developed the interest for travelling? And why do you travel?

Michael: My passion for traveling started around the age of 16 when I went on a family trip to Denver Colorado. It was a magical vacation and I blame Colorado for my travel addiction. I travel to see the world and people in it.

Ebenezar: The global recession and Euro zone crisis have squeezed the life out of the pockets of many people around the world, so my question is how do you still manage to raise funds for transportation?

Michael: I put a percentage of every pay check into a travel account. I don’t touch that money until I’m ready to travel.

Ebenezar: Whao! That’s an awesome technique; I’m sure many people around the world will like to try that. I know you've visited many places around the world, but can you list the top three places you've visited?

Snap shot of Costa Rica
(Image Credit: Michael Becerra)
Michael: Hawaii- Absolutely as beautiful as advertised. I consider that paradise.

Costa Rica – I recently visited Costa Rica and there is something in the air there that takes you to a place of pure relaxation. People are extremely nice and country is stunning. There is so much to do but white water rafting took the cake-biggest natural high of my life.

Puerto Rico- Puerto Rico is a small Island but has loads of life and energy. The island is a metropolis mixed with rounding country roads. It has great food, music, beaches and fun people.

Ebenezar: Whao, okay that’s awesome. I'm sure you know about the UNESCO World Heritage sites. Personally I've been privileged to visit one of them; the Ikogosi Warm Spring reserve in Ekiti state, Nigeria. Have you visited any of these world heritage sites?

Michael: I have not had the privilege to visit any yet but it’s on my to-do-list.

Ebenezar: The crisis in Syria and Mali recently have shown us how vulnerable these world heritage sites are, so how can we protect these sites in times of crisis and natural disasters?

Michael: I think the best way to protect these sites is by bringing attention to them. Let the world know that they are there, and that they have a positive influence on the people.

Group Photo taken at Costa Rica
(Image credit: Michael Becerra)
Ebenezar: What have you learnt about the world in your years of travelling?
Michael: I've learned to disagree with the saying, “It’s a small world.” The world is big place and I am small compared to the totality of things. The world is huge. There are millions and millions of people in this world and no matter how different we may seem to be at the end of the day we are all the same. We are all humans that live, laugh, and search for love.
Ebenezar: Yeah I agree with you I must say, it’s a really big world. So how do you intend affecting the world with your travelling? And do you have other dreams that are not travel related?

Michael: I intend sharing my experiences with all the people that are interested. There may be people that never have the opportunity to leave their neighborhood and with the pictures and things I write I can possibly open their minds to something they otherwise would never had imagined. At the end of the day I want to share the human experience.

Ebenezar: Thank you so much for making out time to talk with me, Mike. I wish you safe journey in all your travels

Michael: Thank you too Ebenezar.

 For more about Mike(@istay_travelling) and to keep in touch with his journeys, click here

Travelling is always a refreshing experience for me, and I wish I could do it more often. You might not have enough money to travel around the world to see most of the exquisite places, but you can take that 30 minute bus ride or the 1 hour train to see that member of your family or that old friend you've not seen in a while. That is still travelling you know?

UNESCO is doing a great job in marking World heritage sites around the world, but all that good work will be brought to nothing if we keep allowing our conflicts to destroy these sites.

The fighting in Syria and Mali recently destroyed a couple of these Heritage sites in these countries, and it just goes to show how destructive wars are. Let us learn to settle our conflicts peacefully because, if we destroy our heritage, what will we show to posterity?

Till my next stroll; I wish you journey mercies in all your travels, Jesus loves you.

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