1 May 2013



'Shores of despair' by Merit Gogo-fynface is a fiction book that narrates the challenges of two young Nigerian girls; Chioma and Vanessa. The book also shows how increasingly hard it is to be a spinster and a single mother. Published by TB NET house LTD in 2012, ISBN 978-978-50920-9-7. This book appeals to those interested in family life and family conflict resolution.

The author gives support for proper ''Child training'' and the importance of family cohesion as well as good moral values. Her message is passed slowly; as the theme flows throughout the story.

The book begins with a string of tragedies occuring in Chioma's life and suddenly the story of Vanessa comes up. So it keeps the reader anxious, trying to know the connection between these two girls from different backgrounds but facing similar life struggles.
The suspense intensifies when the author starts narrating the story both girls side by side, chapter by chapter. Building up to a very powerful climax, that is so unpredictable.

Chioma, one of the main characters in the book is a strong willed but emotional lady--As she could decide to do what she wants, and stops when does not want to--although she had many things working against her, she kept forging ahead hoping for a better life. Unlike Vanessa or 'Vee' like her sister calls her is the second main character in the book. Though born into a rich family, things kept going wrong for her.

The author; Merit Gogo-fynface is currently a Law student of Rivers State University of Science and Technology(RSUST), Rivers state, Nigeria. The book reflects her firm belief in family cohesion--This is because she is really close to her family--As noticed in her dedication of the book to her parents and siblings. Having two sisters also equips her with the knowledge of 'sister to sister' relationship which she narrates through the relationship between Vanessa and Tess in the book.

I enjoyed shores of despair because it tackled a popular dogma; that people in rich homes don't have problems--which from the book we've seen is wrong-- It also brought to light the struggles of many single mums out there. I recommend it for every family and everyone hoping to turn the hurdles of life into springboards for success.
Ebenezar Wikina 

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