2 December 2013


By: Stephen Iyaji

(Image Credit: Benue Youth and Cultural Carnival)
The walk started from the Benue State Government house with the "Salvation band" in front leading the walk, and the beautiful "Miss Benue" and "Miss Carnival 2012" holding the "WORLD AIDS DAY 2013" banner with the rest the youths behind. 

It was indeed a worthwhile celebration for the youths in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. Marking the opening of their "2013 Benue Youth Cultural Carnival" and Celebrating  "World AIDS Day" with the theme: Getting To Zero.

 At about 12:00pm, the youths gathered in their colourful t-shirts and face caps of various colours with this inscription "Benue Youth Cultural Carnival " celebrating "World Aids Day" in the front, and "Getting To Zero" on the back of the shirts.

(Image Credit: Benue Youth Cultural Carnival)
We walked from Government house--through the round about--until we reached the celebration ground (IBB Square). 

At the venue a brief lecture was given by the secretary to the Benue state government (SSG) representing the Benue state governor (RT. Hon. Gabriel Suswan).

AIDS testing in progress at the Benue State Youth Cultural Carnival AIDS day event
(Image Credit: Benue Youth Carnival)
Later AIDS tests was conducted for each and every youth, and condoms were shared for free. This is how we observed World Aids Day in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria.

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