3 May 2013


Source: Milliscent Maduagwu
 It's not really easy to get an 'On Air Personality' for a 'down to earth' interview, because just like their name suggests; they're always 'on air' and hard to reach.. But somehow I was lucky to break the barriers and got one of Nigeria's finest OAPs to have a stroll with me. She's currently working with NigeriaInfo(92.3 Fm) Port harcourt.I was also lucky to get her autograph too (smiles).. well here is what we discussed;

Ebenezar: thank you very much for your time, I feel honoured having this stroll with you. First question; Is being an 'On Air Personality' your Childhood dream? Is this what you've always wanted to be?

Milliscent: Well, yes and no. No because I never had a particular course or profession I wanted to study, I really believed I could do anything I set my mind to. Then yes, being the fact that deeply I always wanted something that mattered, to be in the eye of the storm, to make a change, a difference, to help and we all know that the media is one of the tools,but it never struck me at first...
Ebenezar: What was growing up like for you? Was it fun all the way?
Milliscent: LOL(laughs). . . it's just like saying someone had the perfect childhood, I think not. It was a mixture of pleasant and the unpleasant. I remember always wanting to have my way (which I still do every now and again) but sometimes I met bulwarks from either of my parents, and my siblings. Now the latter, literally a thorn in the flesh I had to put up with a lot of things from my elder brothers coming from a family of 5kids being the 1st girl and number 4 on the list. I had to conform to a lot of punishments, lol, and yeah some perks from having boys before me no one dared get on my other side.
Ebenezar: what is your favourite genre of music?
Milliscent: Hmmm music... No particular one. I love all kinds it all depends on my mood. 

Source: Milliscent Maduagwu
Ebenezar: The Midday dialogue; the radio show you co-host with Joy Eberebe gives the audience the oppurtunity to call in and air their views on different issues. What do you think are the benefits of Freedom of Speech to a country? 
Milliscent: Freedom of speech is amazing. Imagine being dumb, not being able to speak or be heard because of fear or government restraint, incarceration. There's nothing like what I'd call the freedom of the tongue, especially in a democratic setting as ours, where the people's votes count.
Free speech is an indispensable tool of self-governance in a democratic society. It enables people to obtain information from a diversity of sources, make decisions, and communicate those decisions to the government. Beyond the political purpose of free speech, is a "marketplace of ideas."
Rather than having the government establish and dictate the truth, freedom of speech enables the truth to emerge from diverse opinions. In the words of Justice Louis Brandeis "freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think are means indispensable to the discovery and spread of political truth."
Ebenezar: Do you think there are still barriers to 'free speech' in Nigeria? And how do we remove these barriers? 
Milliscent: Yes there still are barriers. First the press are still restricted every now and again, things are sensored, Every now and again we are being told to drop some topics or conversations or else the media house would be heavily fined or in the case of some media houses which take sides as a result of being compromised and perhaps his or her salary is "chicken change". The latest being the 40million dollars the Federal Government wants to pay an Isreali company to spy on Nigeria’s social media
Matter of fact the government has to recognise the importance and benefits of this important freedom. It should do the right thing in meeting the promises made before the people's vote. Although ignorance of the law is not an excuse, misinformed people need to be coached before airing their views so they don't overheat the public or make seditious statements.
The laws can be strengthened, the constitution, the Freedom of Information Act and other bye-laws.
Trained journalists need to be paid reasonably and and as at when due
If the press can't talk freely then the people can't speak freely.
Ebenezar: Finally, I'd like to be the first to know. When is your book coming out?..(smiles)..  And do you have any projects you're working on?
Milliscent: Hopefully early next year. And yes working on a third book, several documentaries and all things being equal a 'think tank' foundation, but as the saying goes when there is life there is always hope.

Ebenezar: Thanks a lot again for strolling with me, i wish you success in all your projects. . .(smiles again)

Milliscent: (smiles)  Thank you too, and all the best in yours as well, always remember we have something to do to make the world a better place in our diverse endeavors. . .


For more from Milliscent Maduagwu, you could tune in to the Midday Dialogue on Nigeria Info(92.3fm) Port-Harcourt, every weekday from 10am to 3pm(GMT+1) or follow her on twitter @millionscents

THE PRESS are like society's scientists. They are the microscope with which we can view ourselves and rate our actions. . .
They are our conscience!!! We need to protect their freedom!!!
Till my next Stroll, Be good, Jesus Loves You.

 By: Ebenezar Wikina (@poeticjazz)
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  1. interestingly i didn't tink i culd do well in watever i want 2 do (not dat i'm an OAP though)

  2. I love this... Thanks Ben.